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devotes this Friday a long portrait on Cyril Hanouna, "the dark side of the farce", which looks back on his career, his controversies, his power and ... the presidential election of 2022.

No, the facilitator will not attend, but he intends to weigh heavily in the media.

Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate to the Minister of the Interior, in charge of Citizenship, sees it well presenting the debate between the two rounds.

She is serious.

"Class contempt"

"In 2022, it is he who should co-present the debate between the two rounds of the presidential election," explains Marlène Schiappa to the weekly.

Because he was one of the first to take the "yellow vests" movement seriously.


And to add: "He is someone brilliant, who knows French society.

But it is fashionable to knock on him, it is class contempt.



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