Hong Kong people's group buying of Shenzhen delicacies attracts attention

  [Global Times reporter Ye Lan] Shenzhen and Hong Kong have been closed for a long time due to the epidemic, and many Hong Kong people are concerned about Shenzhen's food.

Some merchants spotted business opportunities and launched cross-border group buying services, which are highly sought after by Hong Kong people.

  According to a Hong Kong media report on the 22nd, a Hong Kong reporter was introduced to join a group-buying platform WeChat account, and the customer service asked him where he lived and pulled him into the WeChat group of the corresponding area.

The group will regularly send the latest food recommendations to customers, and the night before the delivery, it will also publish the specific time of delivery to each buyer's location the next day in the group. Customers only need to find the delivery time at their location. , Wait for it to be delivered to your door.

In terms of ordering, the purchaseable products displayed by the WeChat mini program include takeaways from famous Internet celebrity shops in Shenzhen, ice cream, fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs, chilled food and cooked food, and noodles. Among them, the most group purchases are takeaways, including tea Yanyue color, Taier pickled cabbage fish, four season coconut tree coconut chicken and other well-known shops in Hong Kong, the price is much higher than the selling price in the store.

For a dine-in grilled fish that costs 149 yuan, the fee on the group-buying platform is 329 yuan, which is more than double the price.

  The reporter placed an order on Friday, and the goods were delivered to the door on Sunday morning.

When the food was first received, the temperature of the take-out was cold, and the vegetable oil fuel delivered by the store was heated and tasted. The taste was almost the same as that of dine-in in the store.

In the few days after eating, there were no symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort.

In addition to cooked food, the reporter also bought fruits, fresh food, ice cream and cakes.

  Chen Yusheng, the front office manager of Shenzhen Tanyu Lvjing Hongwan Store, said that before the epidemic, many Hong Kong customers in stores near Futian CBD would go to the store for dine-in, and many people packed them and brought them back to Hong Kong; but since Hong Kong is closed, There are few customers in Hong Kong, and the turnover has been greatly affected.

Mr. Zhao, who went to Hong Kong to develop, buys the most cooked food in online celebrity shops on the cross-border group buying platform.

He said that the prices for these cross-border sales are very expensive. "In short, I hope to clear customs quickly, and you can have all you can eat after passing through!" Legislative Council Member Huang Dingguang said that cross-border group purchases of food involve many safety factors, such as food hygiene in the Mainland. In addition, this is not a personal behavior, but a group behavior. "If something happens, there is a chance for a large-scale accident." Therefore, he does not support Hong Kong citizens’ cross-border group purchases. food.

  The website of the Centre for Food Safety of the Special Administrative Region Government shows that certain high-risk imported foods, such as game, meat, poultry, eggs, milk, milk drinks, frozen desserts, etc., are regulated by the Public Health and Municipal Services Ordinance. Imported game or eggs must be approved by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) in advance, while imported meat, poultry or eggs are restricted to sources approved by the FEHD. If you are not importing the above-mentioned high-risk foods, you do not need to obtain prior approval. Hua Tsai, a Hong Kong cross-border driver, said that it is possible to bring cooked food from Shenzhen to Hong Kong by car. It is generally not a violation of the regulations if the quantity is small. However, it is not allowed to carry cooked food or meat and vegetables from the mainland on the truck that transports food to Hong Kong. , "Fresh food must be declared according to regulations, otherwise it will be punished badly if found."