On April 22, "The Manuscript of Qianlong's Imperial Poems", the largest exiled one among the people, first appeared in Beijing.

Most of the manuscripts of Qianlong's imperial poems are hidden in the Forbidden City. The "Manuscripts of Qianlong's Imperial Poems" that appeared this time is the largest private collection of Qianlong imperial manuscripts discovered in recent years outside the Palace Museum.

This set of "Manuscripts of Qianlong Imperial Poems" was written by Qianlong in his later years (60-80 years old), including 64 papers and a "Chongqing Empress Dowager Eighty Years Longevity Ode Album", including Qianlong's handwritten Zhubi Revision of the Royal Manuscript and Zhu approved

The subject matter is very comprehensive, including reading and commenting on history, current affairs chronicles, sceneries, appreciation of utensils, calligraphy and painting chants, etc.

  According to Li Yizhou, curator and artistic director of Chinese antiques and treasures at Beijing Poly Auctions, these poems can clearly see the path of Emperor Qianlong’s heart and are also a vivid reflection of the Qing Dynasty’s politics, economy, culture, religion and other aspects of history. .

  The "Hongli World-Qianlong Imperial Poems Manuscripts, Lanting Picture Tie Kesi Scrolls and Important Palace Art Special Exhibition" will be held at the Poly Art Museum. In addition to Qianlong Imperial Poems Manuscripts, there will also be exhibitions There are more than one hundred pieces of Qianlong court art treasures, covering many categories such as seals, calligraphy, silk, porcelain, jade, guqin, study inkstone, religious artifacts and craft furnishings.

The exhibition will last from April 23 to May 10.

  Reporter Wang Shibo Yuan Xiuyue

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]