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The Center for Bullfighting Affairs of the Madrid Community, directed by the retired bullfighter Miguel Abellán, has established security measures for the safe development of the bullfighting festival on May 2 in Las Ventas and asks the fans to

act "act responsibly"


It is planned to "take the mandatory temperature at the main entrance. If it is equal to or greater than 37.5C, a second attempt will be made after a few minutes and

if that value persists, access to the enclosure will not be allowed



In the event that an assistant "presents symptoms compatible with COVID-19, wait for the arrival of medical aid."

Fans must "maintain the recommended interpersonal safety distance of five feet.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the venue



Access to the square

"will be staggered



The Community has established "entry time sections, which must be complied with. The use of the mask will be mandatory at all times. No person who does not wear a mask will not be allowed access."

The routes must

"be minimal and direct"

, so that "accesses will be determined according to the location of the seat" and "there will be no use of elevators, except in exceptional cases of reduced mobility".

Those who come to Las Ventas

"will have at their disposal various hydroalcoholic gel supply points at entrances

, common areas and toilets. There will be no bar or restaurant service. There will be no pad service."

At the end of the celebration, the Community prohibits "stopping at the exit doors or surroundings.

And there will be health personnel present in the bullring from the opening of the doors



"Recommend is not prohibit"

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has indicated whether the Public Health Commission is considering prohibiting the bullfight that is scheduled to be held this Sunday in Las Ventas with a maximum capacity of 6,000 people that

"to recommend is not to prohibit."

This was stated at a press conference after the meeting of the Interterritorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS) after being asked

about this first bullfight of the festival that has been authorized by the Community of Madrid.

Darias explained that the Public Health Commission "

had been working on a document of recommendations, but recommending is not prohibiting."

Thus, he added that this technical document

"is being the subject of work and debate within the Commission"

and that, when its members consider that it is finalized, it will be released.

However, she wanted to remind that "this type of event is the responsibility of the autonomous communities" and that what she does as a minister

"is to remember the situation in which" each autonomy finds itself.

Thus, it has been referred to the so-called 'semaphore document', where it is established, according to the alert levels, what are the actions to be carried out.

"What I do ask is maximum responsibility.

It is very important to control the epidemiological situation and to contribute with those measures that prevent the spread of the virus," he


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