While Parliament had definitively adopted this text on April 15, the Prime Minister decided to refer the matter to the Constitutional Council on the particularly controversial comprehensive security law.

Jean Castex intends by this action to remove "any doubt" about this law, before it is promulgated.

Its article 24 which penalizes the malicious dissemination of the image of the police officers is the subject of a strong contestation on behalf of the defenders of public freedoms.

As for its article 25 which authorizes the police to carry their weapon out of service in establishments open to the public, it worries the world of culture.


Deeming this text “liberticidal” and “infringing on freedoms”, unions and associations of journalists, union confederations and human rights organizations appeal for the censorship power of the Constitutional Council.


"Global security" law: For opponents of the text, the final vote "is not a defeat"


Epinay-sur-Seine: The names and faces of police officers and their families pinned in the halls of buildings

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