Yesterday (21st) was really like early summer.

Today, as the temperature is slightly lowering, it will not be as much as yesterday, but it will still be a bit hot as it goes over 25 degrees everywhere.

Beware of fine dust, especially in the Midwest.

The atmosphere continues to be dry.

As a construction warning was issued in Seoul yesterday, the special coverage area expanded further, so you should be careful not to cause various fire accidents.

Today, there will be a lot of clouds throughout the country, and the ozone concentration is expected to be poor in the metropolitan area and Chungnam region.

This morning, the temperature will start at 15 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju and 14 degrees in Daejeon, and the daytime temperatures are expected to be 27 degrees in Seoul and Cheongju, 28 degrees in Daejeon, and 22 degrees in Busan.

On Friday, there is rain news mainly in Honam and Jeju, and some raindrops will fall in the central region.

(Soyoung Jeon Weather Caster)