Guest of the show "It feels good" for the publication of her book "Becoming fully and serenely yourself, the keys to being in tune with your body, heart and mind", the former Miss France and current TV columnist Delphine Wespiser confides her secrets of homemade cosmetics, based on natural products.


Miss France 2012 and current TV columnist Delphine Wespiser is the guest of the show

It feels good

 for the publication of her book

Becoming fully and serenely self, the keys to being in tune with your body, heart and mind


She distils the advice and secrets of homemade cosmetics, to be made from natural products.

Among them, a chocolate mask to be made by melting eight squares of dark chocolate in a double boiler and adding a tablespoon of sweet almond oil.

Then just apply the mixture on the face, leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water.

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"It's practical, because when you use these products, you don't eat them. That's very good," smiles Delphine Wespiser.

"To really have beautiful skin and beautiful hair, the best is natural cosmetics: products like castor oil, coconut oil or sweet almond oil."

"This is not a sexy book!"

According to the TV columnist, being able to consume these products is the guarantee of their non-toxicity for the skin and hair.

“These are products that we can both eat and use in cosmetics. We will simply move them from the kitchen to the bathroom,” imagines the ex-Miss Alsace. 

Delphine Wespiser also recommends gargling with a teaspoon of oil every morning. But that's not all: she also recommends purging with castor oil. "You should know that this is not at all a sexy book," warns the former Miss France. "It's really a book where I really give all the advice, so I'm talking about purging, enemas, etc. But it works."