China News Service, Suqian, April 20 (Liu Lin Zhurui) The Sucheng Branch of the Suqian Public Security Bureau has successfully dealt with a woman taking medicine to commit suicide. The police raced against death and sent the woman to the hospital within 3 minutes. , Successfully saved his life.

  It is understood that at 15:00 on April 18th, the Sucheng Sub-bureau's Specialized Division Team received 110 instructions: in the park on the north side of the Tonghe Guiyuan Community in Sucheng New District, passers-by called a woman lying on the ground unconscious. Police Li Chaoqun Go to disposal quickly.

  At the scene, a young woman was found lying on the riverside, foaming at her mouth, and her consciousness was blurred. The police judged that the woman might have committed suicide by taking pesticides based on the empty bottles of dichlorvos scattered on the ground.

  "The sooner the girl is sent to the hospital, the more likely this girl is." The police and civilian police quickly organized the woman to be carried into the police car. Under the premise of ensuring the safety of the car, they sounded sirens all the way to send the woman to the nearest hospital for treatment.

On the way, in order to prevent the woman from falling asleep, the police kept shouting and slapped the woman.

After 3 minutes of life and death, the woman who committed suicide was finally sent to the First People's Hospital of Suqian City for rescue.

  After more than 20 hours of rescue, the woman who committed suicide was out of danger. According to the emergency doctor, the woman who committed suicide took a large amount of medicine and drank all the bottle of "dichlorvos". If the police were not sent to the hospital in time, the consequences would be disastrous.