We are sending out benefits again!

  After eating free beef, free fruit, and free fish in Northwest A&F University in Shaanxi, Northwest A&F University invited all teachers and students to eat steamed buns for free this time.

  At noon on April 20th, more than 20,000 "chocolate buns" made from the colorful wheat "Xinong Black Big Ear" carefully selected by Professor Zhang Zhengmao of the School of Agriculture of the school were offered to teachers and students for free in the school's cafeterias.

According to reports, this variety of wheat has reached the quality of high-quality medium-strength gluten wheat, suitable for processing black wheat tea, black wheat flour and their products such as dumplings, noodles, buns, and steamed buns.

At present, the yield of "Xinong Black Big Spike" wheat in Guanzhong of Shaanxi, Zhoukou of Henan, and Jieshou of Anhui generally yields more than 800 jin per mu, ranking among the top colored wheats in the country.

  The school stated that the

free tasting event is to allow teachers and students to share the results of scientific research

, and to encourage students to be closer to their fields of study, to better root themselves in the grassroots in the future, and to make their own contributions to agricultural and rural development and rural revitalization.

(CCTV reporter Yang Yongqing Guo Sheng)