The Tokyo Metropolitan Government, which has a policy of requesting a state of emergency soon, is in the process of considering requesting a leave of absence, and is rushing to select the target industry while proceeding with discussions with the national government.

In addition, Hyogo Prefecture and Kyoto Prefecture, which have not stopped the spread of infection, requested the national government to issue a state of emergency.

In Tokyo, the spread of infection continues on the 21st, last month (March), with the largest number of 843 people being newly confirmed after the second state of emergency was lifted.

The capital will soon request the national government to issue a state of emergency, and is proceeding with discussions with the national government on specific measures and periods.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government In the past two state of emergency declarations

The state of emergency for Tokyo has been issued twice so far, and the first declaration from April to May last year requested a leave of absence for a wide range of industries.

In the first state of emergency, a request for closure was made at

facilities such as

▽ karaoke shops, live houses,

▽ sports clubs,

▽ amusement parks, and

▽ movie theaters.

Large commercial facilities such as department stores and shopping centers were included in the leave request except for areas where daily necessities are sold.

We also requested the school to be closed and the event to be stopped.

In addition, we asked restaurants to cooperate in shortening business hours by 8:00 pm, and we decided to serve sake by 7:00 pm.

On the other hand, in the second state of emergency from January to March, we did not request a leave of absence, but requested restaurants, bars, and karaoke stores to shorten their business hours.

The time was the same as the first time, until 8 pm, and the sake was served until 7 pm.

The event requested that the maximum number of guests be 5,000 and the capacity be 50% or less, rather than the first suspension.

We also asked entertainment facilities to cooperate in shortening business hours by 8:00 pm.

The demand for these businesses also made a request to refrain from going out to the separate citizens,

in the ▽ 1 round of emergency declaration, "thorough going out self-restraint",

▽ 2 round of, "going out of nonessential In addition to "self-restraint", "especially after 8:00 pm" was requested.

In each case, we requested that we do not go out in principle unless it is necessary to maintain our livelihood, such as going to the hospital or buying food.

The third state of emergency requested by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government focuses on whether it can significantly curb the flow of people during the Golden Week holidays approaching next week. We are considering taking a step further than the measures taken in the above to request a leave of absence.

As for the state of emergency for Tokyo, the first declaration from April to May last year requested a leave of absence for a wide range of industries.

While referring to the response at this time, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will discuss the details of the measures and the financial support of the government regarding the payment of cooperation funds through discussions between Osaka Prefecture and the government, which have already requested the declaration. We are in a hurry to select the type of industry.

Rapid spread of infection in Kansai Hyogo and Kyoto request state of emergency

On the other hand, even in Kansai, the rapid spread of infection cannot be stopped.

In Hyogo prefecture, a record number of 563 infections were newly confirmed in a day, and we requested the issuance of a state of emergency.

In addition, Kyoto Prefecture also confirmed the infection of 128 people, which was the highest number after the cancellation of the second state of emergency, and requested the issuance of the state of emergency as well.

In addition, on the 21st, 1242 new infections were confirmed in Osaka Prefecture, the highest number ever.

Already last night, he requested the government to issue a state of emergency, and Governor Yoshimura has indicated that he would like to take strong measures, centering on requests for closure of large-scale customer attraction facilities.

Prime Minister Suga "I want to decide this week"

Prime Minister Suga has expressed his intention to make a decision later this week on a state of emergency that he is considering issuing to Tokyo and Osaka.

In response to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, the government is considering issuing a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, etc., and would like to take effective measures in cooperation with the respective governors.

Under these circumstances, Prime Minister Suga met with Minister for Economic Revitalization Nishimura and Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Tamura at the Prime Minister's Office tonight to discuss the target and period for issuing a declaration, measures to be taken, etc. I responded to the interview.

In this, Prime Minister Suga asked, "How will we respond to the emergency declaration that is expected to be requested from Osaka, Tokyo, Hyogo, and Kyoto in addition to Osaka?" There has been a request for a declaration, and we are now receiving reports that the area mentioned, as well as Tokyo, is under consideration. "

On top of that, he said, "In any case, I would like to collaborate with such local governments, scrutinize the contents, and make a decision within this week." Showed the idea to decide in.