Charlie Hama, an actor of Yoshimoto Shinkigeki who gained popularity in the gag of "... Then, why don't you?" Died on April 18 at a hospital in Osaka City due to respiratory failure.

I was 78 years old.

Charlie Hama, real name, Masao Nishioka was born in 1945 in Osaka City.

Entered Yoshimoto Kogyo in 1958 and played an active part in TV commercials and the stage centering on Yoshimoto Shinkigeki. Selected for the grand prize.

And in 1992, he won the gold medal of the "Upward Comedy Award".

In 2009, he also appeared in NHK's serial TV novel "Welkame".

Charlie Hama became ill in March and died at a hospital in Osaka City on the 18th of this month due to respiratory failure and erroneous pneumonia.