While the filming site of the webtoon drama'Yumi's Cells' was spotted, the actors' perfect synchro-rate raised expectations for the drama.

Yesterday (20th), a photo of the shooting site of'Yumi's Cells' witnessed by a netizen was uploaded to the online community.

In the released photos, Goeun Kim, who plays the role of'Kim Yumi' and Bohyun Ahn, who plays the role of'Guwoong', was especially noticeable by Ahn Bohyun's perfect transformation, which embodies the costumes in the webtoon.

Earlier in the news of Ahn Bo-Hyun's casting, netizens expressed concern about whether Ahn Bo-hyun, who has a strong dandy image, can handle webtoon characters well. Perfectly digested the atmosphere.

In the photo, Kim Go-eun also boasted a high synchronization rate with the webtoon character with a short hairstyle, and netizens said, "You do this the same way?" He expressed his anticipation for the drama with pleasant comments such as "Let's see."

'Yumi's Cells' is a dramatization of a popular webtoon of the same name, and is a work that expresses the stories and thoughts of Yumi, an ordinary office worker in her 30s, through the perspective of cells.

In particular, the story of the three men Yumi meets is going to convey empathy.Yumi's first boyfriend, Guwoong, is currently being filmed by Ahn Bohyun, and as her second boyfriend'Yubabi', Park Jinyoung, from GOT7, was proposed to play the role. Is known to be.

As a result, netizens compared the external synchro rate of characters Yubabi and Park Jinyoung, who caused some anger in webtoons, and already swearing that I will not love Yubabi again, but I will love again, and "Jinyoung is handsome, so I think I will be more angry when it comes to drama" Since then, it has been showing a hot reaction.

(Photo = Kim Go-eun, Ahn Bo-hyun, Instagram, Naver Webtoon, Online Community)

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