Due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection, a total of 29 prefectural schools are closed in Osaka Prefecture.

If infections of faculty members, children, and students are confirmed at Osaka prefectural schools and there is a risk that they will spread within the school, we will take measures to close the school until the investigation by the public health center is completed.

According to the prefecture, as of the 21st, 29 high schools and support schools out of 180 prefectural schools in the prefecture are closed due to the infection.

In response to the rapid spread of infection, the prefecture will suspend club activities in principle for elementary and junior high schools and high schools on April 15, and provide online learning support to children who feel uneasy and do not go to school. And so on.

In the future, even if an emergency declaration is issued, the school will not be closed all at once as it was at the time of the first declaration, and classes will be continued while thoroughly implementing infection control measures.