The TV series "Fox Hunting" with Deng Jiajia, Fu Jing, Wang Tonghui, Qiao Dawei, Chen Chuhan and Zhang Tao starring the powerful actors Wang Kai, Wang Ou, Hu Jun and Liu Yijun, directed by Zhao Dongling as the chief screenwriter and directed by Liu Xin It is scheduled to be broadcast on Hubei Satellite TV on April 21.

With the narrative background of "Fox Hunt", the highest-level and largest overseas escape mission since the founding of New China, "Fox Hunt" tells the economic investigation represented by Xia Yuan (Wang Kai) and Wu Jiaqi (Wang Ou). The police cracked major economic crimes and carried out the ups and downs of cross-border pursuits in multiple countries.

Collecting real cases, paying tribute to the heroes of economic investigation, and welcoming the "National Public Security Organs' Publicity Day for Fighting and Preventing Economic Crimes" on May 15. The TV series "Fox Hunting" bears the social responsibility of popularizing the law for the whole people, and also allows more viewers to understand the front line. The glorious deeds of the detective officers and "fox hunting" heroes demonstrate the country's confidence and determination to crack down on economic crimes.

  Walk with the times, highlight the practical significance of real cases, pay tribute to the heroes of economic investigation

  Starting with a case of jumping from a building caused by an illegal fund-raising dispute, people from all walks of life in "Fox Hunting" appeared for the first time, and a large net of economic crimes quietly enveloped the people in the game.

The director of the pharmaceutical factory Qian Cheng (played by Liu Jun) raised more than 20 million yuan to invest in Crane stock and lost his money. He kidnapped Crane Pharmaceutical Group Chairman Wang Bailin (played by Liu Yijun) and attempted to collect debts and eventually jumped to his death.

With years of experience in handling cases, the officers and apprentices of the Beijiang Criminal Investigation Detachment, Yang Jianqun (Hu Jun) and Xia Yuan (Wang Kai), realized that the case was not simple, and there must be hidden secrets behind it.

While Xia Yuan (played by Wang Kai) was investigating secretly, Wu Jiaqi (played by Wang Ou), who had just graduated from graduate school, also always "holds on Wang Bailin".

Soon, she joined the newly established Economic Investigation Detachment in Beijiang City, fought side by side with Xia Yuan, and "examined the roots" of the Crane Group together.

  Of course, Wang Bolin (Liu Yijun) has a conspiracy behind him. He has teamed up with Hao Xiaoqiang (Zhang Tao), who is a stock critic, to manipulate Crane's stock price to make huge profits.

In this conspiracy, Xia Yuan’s fiancée Yu Xiaohui (played by Deng Jiajia) is gradually lost, and his teacher Yang Jianqun (played by Hu Jun) also faces a dilemma because his younger sister is carefully used, and finally crosses the red line of the law.

After the incident, Wang Bolin (played by Liu Yijun) absconded to the United States in an attempt to completely clean himself.

Xia Yuan (played by Wang Kai) and Wu Jiaqi (played by Wang Ou) under the leadership of the Ministry of Public Security formed a fox hunting team to work together to pursue escapees across the country. Using their rich case handling experience and strong international legal knowledge, they went through hurdles and eventually led Wang Bolin ( Played by Liu Yijun) arrested and returned to China to complete this arduous contest that lasted for several years.

  Based on my country’s highest-level and largest-scale overseas escape mission since the founding of the People’s Republic of China-"Fox Hunt Special Operation", the TV series "Fox Hunt" tells the ups and downs of the criminal investigation police who persevere in pursuit of escape across the border in the face of increasingly complex economic crimes.

In the play, Xia Yuan (played by Wang Kai) has grown from a criminal investigation policeman to an economic investigation officer, and Wang Bolin (played by Liu Yijun) used illegal means to establish his own business empire, and continued illegal expansion of economic crimes. The latitude and longitude of the play show a complex battlefield of human nature.

The TV series "Fox Hunting" presents not only the restoration of crimes and the country's crackdown on economic crimes, but also the struggle between law and emotion, reason and desire under the temptation of interests.

"The creation centered on a major economic case to show our country's fierce and complex struggle against economic crimes. At the same time, it is not limited to the dualism, but to explore the ups and downs and various states of human nature in the economic tide", chief screenwriter Zhao Dongling explained his creation view.

Sun Jie, Inspector and Deputy Director of the Press and Propaganda Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security, affirmed: "Our ministry attaches great importance to the TV series "Fox Hunting". In the process, they praised their belief in life that they must pursue their escape, and fully demonstrated China's power." In September 2020, the TV series "Fox Hunt" was nominated for the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards for "Excellent TV Series"; in early 2021, because of " In the selection of themes, character creation, and expanding the creative perspective of public security themes," he was included in the "2020 Chinese TV Series Selections" released by the State Administration of Radio and Television.

  The carnival and destruction behind wealth Wang Kai Wang Ou guards the interests of the people

  In the classic spy war drama "The Pretender", he and Hu Ge and Jin Dong are also known as the "Three Young Masters of the Ming Family." The upright and resolute Jing Wang Xiao Jingyan in the tactical drama "Langya List" once again received widespread attention, and was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in the 22nd Shanghai TV Festival Magnolia Award, and began to receive mainstream awards. The actor Wang Kai’s experience in filming, It can be described as a late bloomer.

In recent years, Wang Kai has gradually begun to take the lead, starring in the chronological drama "Dajiang Dahe", playing the role of Song Yunhui who changed his destiny through knowledge in the tide of reform, and nominated the 25th Shanghai TV Festival for Best Actor and Magnolia Award for his role. Best Actor Award at the 30th China TV Golden Eagle Awards; starred in the ancient legendary drama "Qing Ping Le" in 2020, performing the complex and real life of the emperor's house.

This time in the TV series "Fox Hunting", Wang Kai turned into an economic investigation policeman Xia Yuan who was "all righteous, without stains, clean and sincere." Wang Kai explained the growth and transformation from a criminal investigator to an economic investigation captain.

Wang Kai has his own understanding of the role of the “economic investigation police” for the first time: “The economic investigation involves file accounts in units of thousands, transaction records in units of 10,000, and the amount of money involved in units of 100 million. Those who speak, they protect the hard-earned money of the people."

  "When I started up, I told everyone that we can't make this drama in vain, so we have a sense of faith from the beginning to the end, and use true stories to pay tribute to the economic investigation heroes in the creation. Professionals from various systems escorted the show; during the performance, the actors and the prototype characters had a long and in-depth exchange to ensure that the series can infect every audience with the fate of the characters and the simple emotions." "Fox Hunting" director Liu Xin once talked about his creative standards in an interview.

As a result, "Fox Hunt" has created many typical characters, such as Wu Jiaqi, played by Wang Ou, who is persistent in pursuing the murderer. "Tianxia Wu Enemy" CP provides space for imagination; Yang Jianqun (Hu Jun), Wang Bolin (Liu Yijun), Yu Xiaohui (Deng Jiajia), Yang Jianqiu (Fu Jing) and other roles give "Fox Hunt" More in-depth exploration and excavation of human nature. They are either imprisoned by family affection or swallowed by desire. The multi-faceted nature of the characters also allows the audience to see the "crime and punishment" of human nature.

  The catcher of "Fox Hunting" is in place, and the Golden Theater of Guangdong Satellite TV is in hot air. From April 21st, it will lock in the Changjiang Theater of Hubei Satellite TV to pay tribute to the economic investigation heroes with Wang Kai and Wang Ou.