Air, sun, warmth and, if possible, a bit of green: finally outside!

In the past few months, everyone has probably spent too much time alone or with their core family in their own homes.

It is therefore high time to get used to human contact again soon.

No place is better suited for such careful rapprochement than maximally ventilated private outdoor areas, i.e. balcony, terrace, garden. Such open-air rooms are a kind of protected buffer zone between the very intimate indoor meeting at the dining table, which feels way too close despite the quick test, and the aimless drifting together with coffee-to-go cups in hand on the street or in the park that often has something lost attached to it. Yes, the philosophically disguised renaissance of walking is annoying.

The longing for an outside space is also reflected in the criteria when looking for residential property: In comparison, the demand for a property with a balcony or garden in cities such as Berlin, Cologne and Munich between December 2020 and February 2021 was around a third compared to the previous year, reports the real estate platform "Immoscout24".


Now is the ideal time to take care of the outdoor area, to make it cozy, or even - very luxuriously - to set up a second apartment - with a kitchen, living room, open fireplace (the temporary brazier has outlived itself).

And a bathtub.

Does that sound absurd?

The summers of the past few years were hot enough for extensive outdoor living.

One thing is clear: you can spend just as much money on furnishing your open-air apartment as you would on the rooms inside.


Outdoor kitchen "Frame" by Fantin

Source: Fantin

There has never been more home cooked than in the past twelve months.

So it's high time to finally upgrade outside as well.

Why should you limit yourself to a grill?

The luxury kitchen "Frame" from the Italian metal furniture specialist Fantin can be equipped with a sink, induction hob, refrigerator and comes in 13 different colors.

From 3900 euros, via hamd.at


The modular "Onde" system by Luca Nichetto for Gandia Blasco

Source: Gandiablasco

Lounging outside as inside: With comfortable upholstery and a straight frame made of coated aluminum, the modular “Onde” system by Luca Nichetto for Gandia Blasco is a successful mixture of Italian elegance and Scandinavian clarity.

The collection also includes tables.

From 2100 euros, via pavilla.de


Chair from the "Cartagenas" series by Sebastian Herkner for Ames

Source: Ames


With the "Cartagenas" series for Ames, Sebastian Herkner has rethought the classic spaghetti chair with the covering made of PVC strings: The chair has made itself nice for going out and wears a cape.

Various color combinations, from 950 euros, via ames-shop.de


“Tres Outdoor” made from recycled yarn from Nanimarquina

Source: nanimarquina

Water, wind and weather have nothing to do with this amazingly soft carpet by Nanimarquina.

The woven "Tres Outdoor" consists of a yarn made from recycled PET bottles, the feel is reminiscent of natural fibers.

For 1450 euros, via ambientedirect.com

Side table

Retro: the Flower Table by Alexander Girard (Vitra)

Source: Flower Table

Alexander Girard originally designed the Brass Flower Table for the living room of the Miller House in Columbus, Indiana, planned by Eero Saarinen in 1953.

It is now available in weatherproof steel and in two sizes.

From 600 euros, via vitra.com


Dive in: "Vieques" bathtub by Patricia Urquiola for Agape

Source: ANDREA FERRARI / Agape


Diving is also possible beyond the pool and lake: Patricia Urquiola once designed the deep “Vieques” bathtub for the “W” Hotel in the Caribbean.

It is made of stainless steel, so it can just as easily stand outside.

For 8,000 euros, via agapedesign.it

Sofa and armchair

"Arp" series by Diabla

Source: Stéphane Bidouze - stock.adobe.com Made Studio for Diabla

These ladies don't have to look at the world through rose-colored glasses first.

The furniture in the “Arp” series by Diabla does the rest: curved, powder-coated aluminum tube in marshmallow pink, plus soft upholstery in beige and an equally weather-resistant coffee table.

From 1800 euros, via diablaoutdoor.com


Mobile "donut lamp" by Michael H. Nielsen for Bolia

Source: Bolia

It doesn't always have to be lanterns!

There is now a wide range of lights for outside.

Mobile examples such as the Donut lamp that Michael H. Nielsen designed for Bolia are particularly practical.

You can hang the warm glowing ring on the supplied rope in a tree or bush as well as put it on the ground.

For 111 euros, via bolia.com


"Dyook" fireplace by Martin and Stefan Schiffeler

Source: dyook

Minimalist design, a square chimney and hinged side walls: Martin and Stefan Schiffeler from North Rhine-Westphalia have rethought the outdoor fireplace.

With the Dyook there is a campfire feeling in chic.

For 4800 euros, via dyook-fire.com

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