Austria's Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has announced extensive nationwide opening steps for the middle of May.

The government wants to present the opening plan at the end of the week, said the conservative politician on ORF radio.

"From tourism to gastronomy, from culture to sport, because all areas finally need a step towards normality again." The openings would be linked to very strict requirements.

No access tests are planned for retail, but they are for gastronomy and tourism. The security concepts are then to be relaxed in June and July. There are currently different regional measures in Austria. While there is a tough lockdown in Vienna and Lower Austria until the beginning of May, schools and retailers are open in all other federal states.

The corona crisis has shaken the Austrian budget for 2021.

Finance Minister Gernot Blümel announced on Sunday that he expected a larger deficit, lower tax revenues and a higher debt ratio.

The budget will be revised in order to provide further corona aid for the economy and to equip the health system with additional resources.

Similar measures have recently taken place in Germany and Switzerland.

"I've always said that if more money is needed, there will be more money."


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