, April 20. According to the Chinese government website, Mr. Wang from Bengbu City, Anhui Province reported through the "Internet + Supervision" platform of the State Council that Wuhe County Yuying Middle School asked each student to spend 5800 yuan on a tablet computer, saying that he would assign homework. And learning to use.

  After receiving Mr. Wang’s message, the State Affairs Office’s inspection office forwarded it to the Anhui Provincial Government for preliminary verification.

  After receiving the clues from the inspection office of the State Affairs Office, the Anhui Provincial Government carefully organized the inspection.

After verification, the public reported that the situation is true.

  On January 5, 2021, Wuhe County Yuying Middle School in Bengbu City arbitrarily agreed to the company involved in entering some classes of the seventh grade of the school to promote tablet computers.

Each tablet is 2200 yuan, the platform usage fee is 1,200 yuan/year, the usage fee is 3,600 yuan for 3 years, and the total software and hardware fee is 5,800 yuan.

The fee is charged to students in installments: RMB 2,800 in the first year, RMB 1,500 in the second and third years.

As of January 27, 2021, the companies involved have distributed tablet computers to 234 students in 4 classes in the seventh grade of Yuying Middle School. Among them, 142 have paid (2800 yuan per person, and a total of 397,600 yuan has been paid). 92 people have not yet paid the fee.

  In accordance with the "Compulsory Education Law" and other regulations, the Wuhe County Government ordered Yuying Middle School to immediately stop the illegal collection of student tablet computer fees and refund all the fees already charged; the Wuhe County Education and Sports System will be notified and criticized on the illegal fees and the school will be cancelled. And the leadership team’s 2021 annual education and sports system evaluation qualifications, and organized a one-month "county-wide education and sports system charging issue centralized rectification month" activity.

The Bengbu Education Bureau, in conjunction with the development and reform, market supervision, and inspection and assessment departments, carried out special supervision of school illegal fees and charges, and conducted a survey of 1,600 schools in the city.