According to an interview with the people concerned, the family of the founder of the optical equipment giant "HOYA" was pointed out by the National Taxation Bureau that he had missed a declaration of about 9 billion yen over inheritance.

According to the people concerned, the shares of HOYA held by former president Tetsuo Suzuki of HOYA who died at the age of 90 in 2015 will be sold through the former president's asset management company "SIN" one year before his death. It means that it was transferred to that subsidiary.

At the same time, the shares of SIN were handed over to the former president, and then the bereaved family inherited, but the bereaved family listed the value of the shares of SIN in a similar industry when filing tax returns. It is calculated to be about 2 billion yen based on the stock price of the company.

On the other hand, the Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau said that the value of the shares of SIN, which actually holds the shares of HOYA, is equivalent to about 11 billion yen and is "significantly inappropriate", and the difference of about 9 billion yen is not declared. I pointed out that it was a hit.

The additional tax amount is estimated to be approximately 5 billion yen.

The wife of the former president, who is the daughter of the founder of HOYA and is the representative of SIN, explained to NHK that the procedure for transferring the shares was done by the family because the former president was ill. "I have no objection to the point made by the National Taxation Bureau, and I have paid the tax," he said.

The eldest son of the former president is Hiroshi Suzuki, CEO of HOYA, and the address of the register is Singapore.

I applied for coverage through the company, but the company says, "I can't deal with it because it's an individual problem."