, Jiangmen, April 19th, title: YMCA has become a "high-tech farmer" in the Greater Bay Area in 5 years, "cultivating" a scale of tens of millions

  Chinanews reporter Yang Chengchen let Baokui

  "We have witnessed many miracles in the Greater Bay Area in the five years of our business, and witnessed that many seemingly impossible things have become possible."

  The fish and vegetable symbiosis entrepreneurial team of Jiangmen Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Center was formed by the "post-90s" Hong Kong youth Liang Lifeng, Luo Weite, and Tan Huimin.

In the five years since its establishment, the team has combined fish and vegetable symbiosis technology with aerosol cultivation technology to fill the gap in basic application data for fish and vegetable symbiosis in South China.

In May 2020, the team was awarded the 22nd "Guangdong Youth May 4th Medal".

  The three young people graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Hong Kong Shue Yan University, and their majors are not related to agriculture.

In 2016, they came to Jiangmen with "only 10,000 Hong Kong dollars".

The picture shows Liang Lifeng (left) and Tan Huimin (right), the founders of the "post-90s" entrepreneurial team in Jiangmen, Guangdong, from Hong Kong, interviewed recently.

Photo by Wang Jun Overseas Center

  In an interview with and other media recently, Liang Lifeng said that because of his interest, he has been exposed to organic planting and rooftop farms since the university.

Since 2014, the entrepreneurial team has carried out fish and vegetable symbiosis planting experiments at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. With the expansion of the scale of the experiment, the venue in Hong Kong can no longer meet the requirements of the experiment.

  "At that time, we found many agricultural parks in the Greater Bay Area. Finally, Jiangmen National Agricultural Science and Technology Park gave us great support and provided us with 200 square meters of greenhouses for free." Supported by Jiangmen Agricultural Technology Innovation Center, a subsidiary of Jiangmen Agriculture and Rural Bureau Next, the team has taken root in the countryside for five consecutive years to carry out scientific research and entrepreneurship in the fish and vegetable symbiosis project.

  In the agricultural greenhouse, the temperature is close to 40°C, and the water flows between the pool and the pipe trough through the circulation system.

The fish-vegetable symbiosis technology is the cutting-edge technology of modern agricultural production, with precedents in the United States and Australia.

Due to differences in planting conditions, foreign experience has not been widely used in China.

Liang Lifeng's team also carried out a large number of basic experiments. After years of scientific research, they applied for 4 national invention patents and 3 national utility model patents, and established a production system with independent intellectual property rights.

After testing, the taste and taste of the vegetables they planted were compared with ordinary vegetables, and the selection rate in the blind test was 95%.

  Liang Lifeng believes that Jiangmen is a big agricultural city, with complete agricultural facilities, geographical advantages and industrial chain support.

This Bay Area city has a lot of support policies for agricultural entrepreneurship projects, and it pays particular attention to the entrepreneurship of young people from Hong Kong and Macau.

"We felt support in all aspects throughout the entire entrepreneurial process."

  "In these years, many Hong Kong students from universities, middle and primary schools will visit our base." Liang Lifeng also said, including more than 4,300 school groups including the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong Island Middle School, Hong Kong Peiqiao Middle School, Hong Kong Youth Association Teenagers have visited.

Based on his own experience, he suggested to young people from Hong Kong and Macau who are willing to go to the Greater Bay Area to work hard, “Don’t be afraid of being laughed at by others, and don’t be afraid of being questioned by others”. Turn the impossible into possible".