DJ DOC Lee Haeul revealed the reason why he poured out anger to Kim Chang-yeol in relation to the death of his brother, 45RPM member Lee Hyun-bae.

On the 17th, Lee Hyun-bae was found dead at her home in Jeju Island. Age 48. Initially, the cause of death was known as a heart attack, but the time of death and cause of death were not accurately identified, so it was decided to proceed with an autopsy on the 19th with the consent of the survivors.

In the news of the deceased, the music industry colleagues and fans expressed regret by posting memorial articles on social media and internet communities. Among them, DJ DOC member Kim Chang-yeol also posted a photo taken with the deceased in his life with a post on his SNS, "I hope you are happier in the sky, RIP friend." However, Lee Haneul wrote a comment mixed with anger to this post.

Lee Haneul said, "Jean is the center of this picture! You killed it, it's a dog XX," and swear words "Yai Mr. XXX" and "Devil XX". The comment has been deleted, but it has already spread through the online community as a captured photo. I wondered why Lee Haneul, who was shocked by the sudden death of his younger brother, expressed anger at Kim Chang-yeol.

In response, Lee Haneul directly revealed the reason for his anger at the death of his younger brother and Kim Chang-yeol through a live broadcast on Instagram on the morning of the 19th.

Lee Haneul said, "I have a problem with Kim Chang-yeol and my younger brother. I didn't want to break the DOC, so I put up with it for several years. But now I don't have my younger brother. I can't stand it." I don't even want to do DOC"I couldn't stand my anger.

Lee Haeul said that three of the DJ DOC members shared money and bought the land in Jeju Island. Lee Hyun-bae) disposes of his apartment and took over Jeong Jae-yong's shares, and came over to Jeju Island," he explained.

Afterwards, the interior construction of the Jeju Island Pension was led by a younger brother, and Kim Chang-yeol said that he had a big fight by saying, "Interior cost is higher than expected, and money cannot be given" because of profitability on the day of Lee Haneul's wedding reception.

According to Lee Haneul, eventually he went bankrupt because he could not pay for the construction, and for this reason, Lee Hyun-bae was in an economically destitute situation in Jeju-do and made a living by doing part-time delivery jobs. Then he was in a car accident, but he said he could not get proper treatment because he didn't have money.

Lee Haneul was upset, saying that he did not know that his younger brother had a car accident. He also explained that there is a possibility that his younger brother may have died from the aftereffects of a traffic accident, and that the exact cause of death may be known through an autopsy.

It is noteworthy what kind of position Kim Chang-yeol will reveal to Lee Haneul's shocking argument.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Seon-ae)