On Friday, actor Damian Lewis unveiled the sad news of the death of actress Helen McCrory, who had shared her life since 2007. “I am heartbroken to announce that, after a heroic battle with cancer, the magnificent woman that Helen McCrory died peacefully at home, in the midst of a wave of love from friends and family, ”he wrote on Twitter.

Since then, tributes have multiplied to salute the memory of the actress, known for her film roles in



Harry Potter

, and on TV in 

Peaky Blinders


Cillian Murphy, playmate in the series, has notably expressed his immense sadness.

“I'm heartbroken to lose such a dear friend.

Helen was a beautiful, caring, funny and compassionate human being.

She was also a gifted, intrepid and brilliant actress, ”the actor wrote in particular in a press release relayed by the Entertainment Weekly site.

"Kind, generous and incredibly fun"

Many personalities from the

Harry Potter


have also paid tribute to Helen McCrory. Starting with Tom Felton, the interpreter of Drago Malfoy, a character whose actress played the mother on the screen. "It's so sad to say goodbye to her so suddenly - I never took the opportunity to say it, but she helped shape me so much as a person - on camera and off," the actor wrote on Instagram.

Danie Radcliffe, main actor of the saga, meanwhile hailed this "supreme talent and this wonderful person" with the British site of 


, spotted by BFMTV.

“Helen was one of the most amazing actresses I have worked with on the

Harry Potter


,” he says.

She knew how to be, effortlessly, bossy and captivating as an actress, in addition to being kind, generous and incredibly fun.


Finally, on Twitter, JK Rowling, author of the saga, said she was "upset to learn of the death of Helen McCrory, an extraordinary actress and a wonderful woman who left us too soon".


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