In Osaka Prefecture, 1220 new infections with the new corona were confirmed on the 18th, the highest number ever.

The spread of the infection has not stopped, and Osaka Prefecture is making efforts to secure beds and strongly urges thorough measures such as refraining from going out unnecessarily.

The new infections of the new coronavirus announced on the 18th in 2 prefectures and 4 prefectures in Kansai are:

▽ Osaka 1220,

▽ Hyogo 406,

▽ Kyoto 116,

▽ Nara 79,

▽ Wakayama There were 44 people and

31 people in Shiga, for a total of 1896 people.

Of these, Osaka has surpassed 1,000 people for six consecutive days, the highest number ever, and Wakayama also has the highest number ever.

Even in Hyogo and Nara, it is the most infected person on Sunday.

In addition, a

total of 6 people were confirmed dead

, including 3 in Osaka,

2 in Hyogo,

and 1 in Kyoto.

As the infection spreads rapidly in various parts of the Kansai region, the number of critically ill patients in Osaka Prefecture was 286 as of the 18th, exceeding the 248 beds dedicated to critically ill patients.

The spread of the infection has not stopped and the medical system continues to be tight, and Osaka Prefecture requests medical institutions in the prefecture to secure additional beds, and supports Shiga Prefecture by accepting patients and dispatching nurses. I am seeking.

Each prefecture, including Osaka Prefecture, is urging them to take thorough measures against infection and refrain from going out unnecessarily.