The controversy that actor Seo Ye-ji harassed and assaulted his friends in school came back to the surface after seven years.

In the process of clarifying the suspicion that he interfered with the filming of a drama that was appearing by controlling his ex-lover Kim Jung-hyun on the 13th, Seo Ye-ji completely denied, "The current controversy over the abusive violence on the Internet is not true."

Suspicion of school violence against Seo Yeji has been raised several times since the first article was written in March 2014.

When the debut film MBC'Potato Star 2013QR3' was aired, a netizen commented with Seo Yeji's graduation photo from junior high school, saying, "He made his debut as an actor who harassed several people, including myself, took money and played Iljin in middle school. I have no conscience." Raised.

However, the suspicion at the time disappeared with the objection that the person in the picture, which was said to be a graduation photo of Seo Ye-ji at the time, was completely different from the current Seo Ye-ji.

Afterwards, in February and March, when controversy over the past school violence of celebrities began to burst out in the entertainment industry, people who claimed to be alumni and Seo Ye-ji also posted protesting posts with content claiming similar damages.

Seo Yeji's side did not give any clarification, but the middle school graduation album that he uploaded again saying that it authenticated graduates became a stumbling block.

The figure in the picture in high school when Seo Ye-ji uploaded directly on his SNS in the past and the person in the graduation photo of Seo Ye-ji uploaded by netizens were very different.

As a result, a netizen named Seo Ye-ji alumni testified that "Seo Ye-ji had plastic surgery around the middle school graduation ceremony, and her face changed a lot." .

Some raised the possibility that the image of high school that Seo Ye-ji personally posted could be a picture taken after becoming an adult in order to cover various controversies related to her past school days.

Some netizens argued, "The sneaker model Seo Ye-ji wore in her school uniform seems to be a famous model that was released around the time of shooting'Potato Star'."

Meanwhile, Seo Ye-ji strongly denies all of the controversy over school violence that he harassed his friends and even used violence when he was studying in Spain, along with suspicion that he had inflated his education by saying he entered a prestigious university while studying in Spain.

(SBS Entertainment News reporter Kang Kyung-yoon)