According to the China Weather Network, today (April 14) Beijing is expected to be sunny and sunny, with a significant temperature rise, with a maximum temperature of 22°C and extremely high pollen concentrations. Willow and catkins are in a period of high incidence. Sensitive people should pay attention to protection.

From tomorrow on, strong winds will strike again and may bring dusty weather. The public please pay attention to the latest forecast.

  Yesterday, a strong wind hit Beijing. At 16 o'clock, most areas were at levels 4 and 5, and gusts reached levels 6 and 7 in some mountainous areas in the west and north, and then the wind weakened.

  Today, the wind is beautiful and the temperature has risen obviously. The Beijing Meteorological Observatory predicts that today it will be fine during the day, and the wind will turn from north to south and the maximum temperature will be 22℃. The night will be sunny and cloudy, with the south wind being grade 2 and 3, and the lowest temperature will be 10℃. .

  According to the Meteorological Beijing Public Account, tomorrow, Beijing will face the windy weather process again. It is estimated that the wind will be level 4 or 5 during the day from tomorrow afternoon to the 16th, and the gust wind will reach level 8 or so.

The strong wind may bring sand and dust weather to Beijing, which will affect the intensity and time. The public please pay attention to the follow-up weather forecast.

  At the same time, the temperature dropped slightly from the 16th to the 17th, and the maximum temperature was around 19℃. The wind chill effect was superimposed, and the public needed to adjust their dress in time.

  Meteorological experts reminded that the overall pollen concentration is currently at a high level, and willow catkins are also in a high-incidence period. People who are sensitive to sensitivity should strengthen their protection when going out and stay away from areas with lush flowers, plants and trees.

In addition, the strong wind will strike again tomorrow, so be careful when you go out.