Hong Kong rioter Huang Zhifeng was sentenced to 4 months in prison and is currently serving his sentence in prison

  [Global News Express] Huang Zhifeng, the former secretary-general of the disbanded "Hong Kong Independence" organization "Hong Kong All Will", and opposition figure Gu Siyao, were suspected of participating on the first day of the "Prohibition of Masking Regulations" on October 5, 2019. For the unapproved assembly, Huang Zhifeng was also charged with violating the "Regulation on Prohibition of Face Masking". The case was pronounced today (13th).

According to news from Hong Kong's "East Net", the judge sentenced Huang Zhifeng to 4 months in prison and Gu Siyao to 5 months in prison.

  According to previous reports from Hong Kong media, Huang Zhifeng was sentenced on December 2, 2020 for his involvement in the encirclement of the Wan Chai Police Headquarters in June 2019. Huang Zhifeng pleaded guilty to inciting and organizing unauthorized assembly and was sentenced to 13 and a half months in prison. He is serving his sentence in prison.

As for Gu Siyao, he was charged with insulting the national flag outside the court in July 2020. He was convicted and sentenced to 4 months in prison at the West Kowloon Court in Hong Kong on the morning of January 28 this year.