Chinanews, April 12th. On April 10th, the third season of the travel variety show "The Most Beautiful Travel Shooting" was officially launched in Xiamen, Fujian.

Program map

  Young actors Dong Yanlei and Song Jiyang are resident guests for the purpose of this season. They both go to a "Treasure Land of Fujian" each issue with reflections on reality and yearning for an ideal life, starting a two-day and one-night journey of local cultural exploration.

  Continuing the pattern of the first two seasons, the show shows the continuation and inheritance of traditional Chinese culture to the audience through the local landscape, food culture, and Fujianese with stories.

  According to the program group of "The Most Beautiful Travel Shooting", the original intention of the program was to deeply promote the great rivers, mountains, and local traditional culture of the motherland.

The producer expressed the hope that the program will be promoted to all provinces across the country, through a younger perspective and a small and beautiful content format, to show more local customs, beautiful mountains and beautiful waters, special cuisine, heritage crafts and other local tourism resources to more audiences.