Popular variety show with offline script kill

Some people are obsessed with reasoning, some people find a boyfriend

Why young people

Are willing to be a dramatist

  "I'm the one who pays you, and you all listen to me..." Mr. Zhang from Hangzhou got the role of emperor in the script "Dragon Banquet". When he introduced himself, his eyebrows were about to fly.

  The film and television screenwriter Han Chan was also among them, and the role she got was the emperor's "confidant".

After playing more than 20 script kills, she is familiar with routines. After reading the first part of the script, she seems to have more than half of the five tasks that she is about to perform. She pointed out two of them with her fingers. After scanning around, she circled the players she wanted to chat with in private.

  There are also two "Xiao Bai" who are completely puzzled. One looks at the script over and over, and the other writes and marks on white paper.

The remaining players began to disassemble the snacks on the table and joked with each other's roles.

  The 8 people in the 9 square meter room all have motives for committing crimes. Who is the one who seeks to usurp the throne in the end?

Under the guidance of the host (hereinafter referred to as DM) bear, they embarked on a four-hour journey of "ghost hunting".

  Four to five hours of "play"

  I'm a hidden actor

  "Dragon Banquet" is an ancient tactical script based on overhead.

After each person chooses a role, everyone will be assigned a corresponding role script to understand the background and love and hatred of "oneself", and then go through public discussion (public chat) and private chat (private chat) to find Write a script to remind yourself of the task to be completed, such as "Who stole this trap box?" "Who gave this information?"

  Everyone has secrets. At the same time, they must obtain the secrets and trust of others, and get enough helpers to ensure that they are safe and sound, and even ascend to the "throne"...

  It sounds like this is a condensed script that can shoot 80 episodes of a TV series, but the players only have more than four hours.

  Halfway through the game, everyone was no longer interested in public chat. One by one shouted the character code of a certain player, up and down the narrow stairs of the reasoning agency, pushing open the small but private room to "inquire" each other. "Interrogation" "Exchange"...

  DM Bear leaned on the handrails of the stairs and watched the players "enter into the play" with a smile-the shy girl shouted at a boy, "Brother Emperor, I am so obsessed with me, why do you treat me like this?" The other boy faced the girl. The colleague "asked aggressively", he suddenly said incoherently, "I don't understand either?"

  In the end, the winner of that day was Xiao Chen, born in 1995. He played all the roles, obtained the most critical clues, and completed the task assigned to him by the script.

He had the last laugh and won.

And other players, under the announcement of DM Cubs, learned of their "tragic end": all cannon fodder, no one is spared.

  At this time, the film and television screenwriter Han Chan was a bit unconvinced, because she answered an important phone call during the game and almost missed the entire second half of the plot. She said that her later task was equivalent to "blind guessing."

  The game started at 10 o'clock in the morning, and when a crowd of people walked out of a certain reasoning agency in Deep Blue Square, it was almost 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Before everyone made the birds and beasts, some added WeChat to each other, some wandered in front of the playbook shelf, picking up the script that I wanted to play in the next time, and more were a few huddled together and replayed the game just now.

  Xiong said that players who are in high spirits will resume the game until the evening; some people even think that the game is the most fun part of the script killing, and it will help him find the clue that was originally neglected, but the most important clue.

  The post-90s junior is a senior player. Two or three years ago, he "jumped" into the pit of script killing. "Replaying allows me to learn. Every time I work a little bit harder, I hide my own and dig out other people's." Said with a smile, "I thought I didn't have any talent for acting, and after playing a few times, I found that I was a great acting talent."

  Find a boyfriend with a girlfriend

  Add some color to ordinary life

  Little Bear sent away the rare group of guests who came to play during the working day.

The most lively time of the Reasoning Club is on weekends and holidays, and there will be guests in the evening on weekdays.

"From Jianguo North Road to Zhongshan North Road, I know there are 6 script kill shops. There are 20 or 30 stores in the entire West Lake Cultural Plaza." He said that the business is very good, and the venues are almost full on weekends.

  The group of guests who just left, in the eyes of Xiao Xiong, are considered older, "Some of them are born in the 80s", and most of his guests are born in the 90s and 00s. "Many of them watched Mango TV." That "Star Detective" variety show, I like to play this. A set of script kills, there are requirements for the number of people, in order to get people together, you have to play with strangers, many people become friends after the game."

  When the 21-year-old Wang Chenyuan played the script for the first time a few years ago, she fought a table with strangers, and later became a repeat customer.

"Every time I play, there is an unknown surprise. You may come and go in those places when you eat, watch movies and sing. You can experience different books and different roles every time you play script kills. Play and play, you will I found out, hey, this person's values ​​are very similar to mine, and I like his style of doing things. You will find new friends." Wang Chenyuan said.

  Some of the players she knows in the game will not only make appointments to play together, but they will also go shopping together for dinner.

What's more rare is that Wang Chenyuan's boyfriend was also "killed" by the script.

"That's an emotional book. Few boys like to play this. He is willing to help make it into the game. I think this guy is good and has a good temper." In the game, the two were in a tacit understanding. After the game was over, the boy took the initiative to come. Added her WeChat.

  The well-informed little bear said that he once encountered a boy who brought his favorite girl to play a script to kill, and he secretly bought the script in advance. He was invincible all the way and had a superior IQ.

"Good chicken thief," Little Xiong said and smiled, "Girl, if you meet a guy who plays a particularly good script killing, maybe he is interesting to you."

  In 1995, the photos of each screenplay were saved in the phone.

She plays script kills, pays attention to the sense of ritual, and must change clothes according to the role.

Or ancient style, or modern, or joking, after everyone chooses their costumes, the game ends and the photos are taken.

  "Dressing is to help you experience a variety of roles. It is a kind of compensation for our ordinary life of two points and one line in our daily life." Yi also said.

  Open a script to kill shop

  The biggest expense is rent and script

  Xu Xu Rusheng is also an experienced player in script killing.

He started contacting him in 2017. In 2019, he raised his hobby to a career and opened a real-life script killing store on Fengqi Road in Hangzhou.

Not only that, Xu Xu Rusheng also created antiquity suspense scripts and signed a script-killing studio.

  The founder of this studio is Kaxiu. His reasoning hall started earlier in Hangzhou, and recently he is preparing for a new store.

"The main cost of opening a store is rent, script and labor. The cost of the script is about 1/3~1/2 of the rent. The service and network promotion also need to invest a little cost." He explained that the general script kills the store at least to set up With 4 to 6 private rooms, the rent expenditure is relatively large.

  The labor expenses are mainly the expenses of the host.

  A reasoning hall in Binjiang District has 6 private rooms. The owner Mr. Yu in 1993 hired 6 full-time moderators and two or three part-time moderators.

"Script killing is very particular about the rhythm, we will assign different hosts according to the style of the book."

  Mr. Yu calculated the accounts and wanted to open a good script-killing store in Hangzhou, which would cost about 500,000 yuan.

"If it's all live, it will cost more."

  According to the data on Meituan, Xu Xurusheng’s live-action script kills the store, and the per capita consumption is 243 yuan, which is almost twice the quota of the average store.

  As for the source of customers, almost all the shop owners I met said, “Acquaintances and strangers make up about half of the table.” Script kill shops have customer WeChat groups. Generally, if there is information about the group, it will be posted in the group. .

Some guests will also take the initiative to inform them of their daily routines and time schedules, and the store will actively and targeted inviting guests who are free to play.

  Affected by the epidemic last year, Kasho began to think about what else the industry can do besides opening more stores?

As a result, he began to expand the upstream content output of the industry-the script creation studio.

In the following year, he successively participated in several exhibitions, large and small, and produced five works including "Half of the Tang Dynasty" and "General Banquet". Try to cooperate with game companies for development."

  After playing a script kill with a friend, Chilling walked in a hurry. That afternoon, she had to rush to the publisher to see her first finished product.

  The 37-year-old Han Chan was originally a film and television screenwriter and a script killer who was transformed from a script killer.

Compared with the industry of film and television screenwriters, writing scripts is a time-consuming and labor-intensive work. In the future, through sales and sharing, there may be good benefits.

  With the same mentality of "betting on the future", there is also Chen Kun of Hangzhou Houtai Technology Co., Ltd.

Six months ago, he and the screenwriter Xianshui Tofu and other partners built a platform for script writers.

It is not yet online and in the stage of burning money, but he is optimistic about this market, because the entire script-killing industry has shown a rapid growth trend, and this game has become the new favorite of many young people in social and entertainment.

He firmly believes that the future script killing will promote the entry of creators, investors, and IP.

  This group of front-end practitioners in the script-killing industry, just like script-killing players, are exploring another possibility in life.

  Full-time scriptwriting kill

  Can you earn money to support yourself?

  Chilling lives in Hangzhou's Binjiang.

She has played more than 20 books and found that the quality of the stories is uneven and the logic loopholes are large, so she has the idea of ​​writing scripts to kill.

It happened that last year, affected by the epidemic, the film and television project in hand was told to suspend and that the meal was always going to be eaten, so she officially "goed to the sea".

  Salt water tofu is also a screenwriter.

She has helped some large companies to do the script polishing and internal testing of the script killing, and there are many popular masterpieces that are well-known in the market.

After more than 3 years of industry involvement, salt water tofu has become well-known in the internal testing circle and the supervisory circle.

  In this industry, there are still a small number of people who make a living by writing scripts like salted water tofu, and most of them are mainly part-time workers like chilling. The reason is nothing more than "most people can't make money by writing scripts", salted water tofu Say.

  In the script-killing industry, the cooperation model between publishers and authors can be roughly divided into three types: buyout, guarantee plus share, and pure share.

In the case that the publisher is not sure whether the book will be popular, it will basically sign a share agreement with the author, but most of the share ratio is not ideal for the author.

  Bei Chen, the screenwriter who once participated in the "Detective Chinatown" series, is now a scriptwriter, producer, shop owner and distributor with multiple identities.

In an interview with the media, he mentioned that this industry is very unfair to authors, and some have been squeezed into a nineteen-nine share with publishers, and a five-fifth share is an ideal situation.

  Hanchan is relatively lucky. She negotiated with six Hangzhou publishers and finally got a 50-50 ratio.

Last month, her first script "Legend of White Night" was pre-sold at the Jinan Exhibition and will be launched soon; next, the other two scripts "Flight 93" and "Onmyoji" will be in Changsha in early May. Pre-sale at the two exhibitions in Qingdao and Qingdao.

  "Good books are scarce in this market," Xianshui Tofu said. In the six months since the company's establishment, the platform has attracted hundreds of screenwriters, but only four or five books have a good taste and quality.

  And good scripts can sell for 20,000 to 30,000 at a time, and some authors have earned more than one million by sharing.

For example, in 2019, the phenomenon-level script killed "Annual Ring", this boxed version of about 500 yuan sold a total of more than 10,000 copies.

At the same time, it also sold film and television adaptation rights; another example is the boxed script "Demolition", which sold more than 6,000 sets at a price of 688 yuan.

But there are very few such authors, and most of them are just like chilling, waiting for the market to test them.

  Anyone can write a script

  Is the threshold for creation so low?

  As the market demand for scripts increases, more and more writers enter the script-killing industry.

Is the threshold for this line really so low?

  Han Chan said that writing a script to kill is no different from creating a film and television drama, and it even takes less time and energy.

Traditional script killing, playing a five-person book, the reading volume per person is about 3,000 to 4,000 words, plus the matching clue card, the number of words is only about 20,000.

Some scripts with strong reasoning can even be read by a single person with only a thousand words.

The only difficulty is that the script kills need to pay more attention to logical reasoning, and all the players in the script must be the protagonists, and there should be no special marginal roles.

  While the number of authors has increased, the types of script kills have become more and more abundant.

  In terms of type, there are organic intellectual base, hard core reasoning base, horror base, reduction base, emotional base and so on.

Last year's emotional book "Hello", although it was very controversial, it also made many players cry. Not long ago, the popular "Spring Day Short" on Xiaohongshu also brought customers to many stores.

  From the subject matter, that's more.

For example, the DM bear of a certain reasoning club in Deep Blue Plaza. In their shop alone, there are many niche themes: those with a red background, those with Cthulhu culture, and those with a background of Warcraft...

  As long as you have the desire to express and are familiar with a certain field, you can play in the line of script killing.

For example, there is a book called "Glass House", which requires the author's knowledge of physics and chemistry to be very high.

  Xianshui Tofu emphasized that everyone can indeed be a script killer at present. That is because script kill is in the early stage of development and consumes a lot of scripts. "However, there may only be more than 600 boxed books in the market in a month. If you want to play a new game, you will buy scripts, and there will be a lot of shoddy works to fill up the number. If the guests play bad works, the experience will be very poor."

  In her eyes, the creation of a good script is a systematic thing: "Some people are good at logic, and some are good at characters. You show your logic, I show my plot, and then cooperate. If professional knowledge is involved, you can also Seek help from experts. From the perspective of the producer, I will magnify everyone's strengths so that this work can be better presented. This is a good script."

  The influx of brokers

  Where is the future for screenwriters to make a living

  Script Kill is now more than just a game.

In the past two years, with the rapid development of the script-killing industry, various break-in cooperations have slowly emerged. More and more IPs have begun to seek cooperation with script-killing: At the beginning of the year, "Assassination of Novelists" was bought by the script to kill. Adaptation rights, "Qing Yu Nian" and "Zui Son" are also on the way of adaptation...

  In addition to film and television dramas, games have also become a hot spot for adaptation: At the beginning of the year, Honor of Kings officially announced a collaboration with the publisher of Detective Notes, and launched the IP script of Honor of Kings "Never Night Changan·Organism".

  At the same time, there are also a large number of brokers who have seen the undeveloped development space behind the script killing.

Six months ago, Chen Kun, one of the founders of Taobao Express, smelled a business opportunity.

After only playing script kills three times, he formed a 12-person co-creation team: "I think script kills is a consumer trend in the post-95 generation. I am optimistic about this industry, and I hope to use the platform to standardize this industry."

  The entire platform integrates script distribution, authors, DMs, merchants, and players, and has just conducted a closed beta.

Chen Kun explained: "This platform is a bit like an intermediary, but more like Taobao, which combines factories, merchants, consumption and payments. With the development of artificial intelligence and big data, multi-end supply and demand scheduling becomes more efficient." Currently, there are five under its umbrella. Six direct contracted authors and more than 100 collateral authors.

  But Chen Kun also has concerns. There are many problems behind the flourishing development of script killing. The most common one is rampant piracy.

On a certain treasure, you can buy 1800 sets of scripts for eight yuan and five.

  According to the distribution method of the script, the script is divided into three types: exclusive, city-limited, and boxed.

Normally, ordinary boxed books are priced at 500 yuan, city limit books are around 3,000 to 4,000 yuan, and exclusives are around 6,000 yuan.

  Chen Kun's research found that many newly opened stores buy pirated scripts, even in rented apartments. Such stores account for almost 30% of the entire industry. "This is a disrespect for intellectual property rights."

  Although there are still many irregularities in the industry, Chen Kun is still very optimistic about its prospects: "Take Hangzhou as an example: there are about 10.5 million people, and there are 500,000 new Hangzhou people influx every year, but they have really played the script. Less than 200,000, you can imagine how much room for growth in the future. The current scripts are relatively complicated, and the time to play a game is relatively long. If the duration and genre can be optimized and expanded to meet the needs of different groups of people and scenarios, the incremental market is immeasurable. ."

  Wang Jiajia

  He Xiaoting