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"Madrileñearing is the best thing in the world," says




gets a bit stuck with the "madrileñeo".

Celebrities and politicians pronounce it with more or less accuracy and ease, because the truth is that it is a word that has its own.

And what seems more important, thousands of

anonymous Madrilenians

now use this term with a traditional flavor that has crept into conversations of all conditions in the Villa and Corte for some time now.

Also in hundreds of corners and streets of the city.

Three hundred


(advertising media) distributed throughout all the city's neighborhoods have shown these days the colorful figures of the illustrator María Corte forming a

large M

with some of the most emblematic buildings in Madrid.

Below, in black on the washed blue of the Madrid sky, the

hashtag # Madrileñear.

"It is said to go out to enjoy Madrid with



The campaign, in which the silhouettes of the

Teatro Real

, the Bear and the Madroño or the Palacio de la Equitativa (now the Four Seasons hotel)

appear among others

, is an invitation to locals to become


in their own city in times of perimeter closures and reduced mobility.

The word, which is becoming increasingly popular on social networks when a few months ago practically no one had used it, has presided over one of the most emblematic buildings in the

Plaza de Callao

and is still present as a showy opening of the tourist information website of the Madrid City Council.


But where does this curious

verb come from


What is its true meaning?

If we pull the newspaper library, it is surprising that both those responsible for the City Council and the Community (both use it in their advertising campaigns) attribute it to themselves as a


invented by themselves, a claim to value the tourist charms of Madrid, cultural, gastronomic and leisure precisely for the inhabitants of the city.

The M of the illustrator María Corte.TURISMO DE MADRID

For the first time,


is shown as a tourist destination to the locals themselves.



is, without a doubt, a good hook although it does not stop supposing a kick to the dictionary.

Because although the word is not accepted by the

Royal Spanish Academy,

various scholars attribute its authorship to the writer and academic

Federico García Sanchiz,

who joined the learned institution in 1941 and whom the dictionary of the RAE itself cites as responsible for having introduced in our country Italianism "talk".

He himself, a talkative man, a great traveler endowed with talents for narrative and anecdote, invented the word "


" and that is how he liked to be introduced.

He is also credited with the invention of the word "


", which he used frequently in his many trips through Latin America, with the meaning of being proud and boasting of being Spanish in foreign lands.

The meaning of the word "Madrilenear", a term that has been around for a few decades, is attributed both to

boast of being a Madrilenian

when one is out of the city and to going out to the city with the intention of

enjoying it with some joy:

in its streets and in its squares, its centenary shops, its bars and terraces, its parks, its environment ...


According to sources from the City Council, the expression was used for the first time by the City Council last February in the presentation of the

25 itineraries of the Madrid Original Visits Program

, a program that is having notable success among Madrilenians (tickets are available the sale on the 1st and 15th of each month and they sell out after a few hours), which shows that in Madrid there is a lot of desire to "madrileñear".

But it is told in the court's mentideros, that just a week before it was heard for the first time by those responsible for the Consistory while enjoying a

Madrid stew

with several Spanish experts in international tourism.

The word was liked by the City Council, he quickly saw its potential and thus began the


of this word that curiously "resurrects" in the midst of a pandemic, as a way to encourage people from Madrid to



know their city better

and as a way to support important sectors of the economy of the city, as the restoration.

The Tourism Delegate Area will continue to encourage citizens and visitors to

# madrileñear,

highlighting new plans and proposals of interest in the city every week from its tourism website.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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