Noëmi Waysfeld, sublimates the Yiddish soul

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Noëmi Waysfeld presents her 5th album "Soul of Yiddish".

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Noëmi Waysfeld likes to interpret exile songs.

She is back today with a 5th album, "Soul of Yiddish" which presents the treasures of traditional Yiddish songs.

A free and solar musical reverie.


Noëmi Waysfeld

has always told stories.

Stories of exile in these first three albums.

Around the songs of Siberian prisoners, Portuguese saudade or Russian land, love stories with “Besame mucho” and the Contraste ensemble.

Stories of death also with Schubert's “Voyage d'Hiver” and jazz pianist Guillaume de Chassy.

It must be said that she was first destined for the theater, before singing burst into her life, even if music has always been there.

Witness these years of cello and her singing lessons with her sister Chloë.

Today, the voice of Noëmi Waysfeld opens the doors of the soul to us.

Those of the Yiddish soul.

His fifth album, "Soul of Yiddish" is available at AWZ.

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