EL MUNDO begins today

a long investigative report in several installments

in which, given the social relevance that the


reality show


Rocío Carrasco

has acquired

, and alarmed by the irresponsible political intervention of prominent members of the Government trying to capitalize on the declarations of the daughter of

Rocío Jurado

, aims to help clarify the facts proven by Justice, which are, ultimately, those that make up the truth about the matter.

This newspaper

has acceded to the court proceedings that led to the dismissal -without the possibility of "any ordinary recourse", according to a resolution of the Provincial Court of Madrid-, on September 30, of the complaint of Rocío Carrasco against Antonio

David flores

, for a possible crime of psychological injuries, and the complete judicial documentation, including audiovisual material, interrogations, expert and forensic reports, the evaluations of the psychosocial team of the courts and even the statements of the psychiatrists who treated Carrasco between 2011 and 2019. It is not up to this newspaper - nor has it ever been its motivation - to discern which of the participants in this


television is right or wrong.

What interests our readers, and this is the reason for this journalistic investigation, is to show how, by turning Rocío Carrasco into a victim of mistreatment by her ex-husband - something that Justice has never proven - this Government, through the vice president

Carmen Calvo

and the Minister of Equality,

Irene Montero

, have wanted to supplant the Spanish courts by a kind of

television and popular justice

, thereby causing u

n serious damage to the credibility of the rule of law.

From the moment the Government converts a limited matter to the so-called

gossip magazine

on a political issue,

democracy begins a dangerous populist drift in which fiction ends up supplanting reality


We recently saw several political leaders, including the then Prime Minister,

Mariano Rajoy

, show understanding before the insubordination that another supposed victim of machismo,

Juana rivas

, initiated against the Spanish and Italian justices to obtain the custody of their children.

Our representatives cannot fall into the trap of

the sentimentalization of politics

questioning democratic institutions and converting a so-called

voice of the people

in source of legitimation.

The law, in a rule of law, is above any other consideration.

Also in the case of Rocío Carrasco, as we will reflect on these pages.

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