According to a survey by the industry association Dehoga, one in four businesses in the catering sector is about to end.

Many hoteliers and restaurateurs are “at the end of their nerves and finances”, said the President of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dehoga), Guido Zöllick, of the online edition of “Münchner Merkurs”.

According to this, 75 percent of the interviewed entrepreneurs fear for their existence and around 25 percent would “very specifically” consider giving up a business.

Even months after the application, many hotel chains and large catering companies were still waiting for the state support to be paid out.

Many hoteliers and restaurateurs therefore sit “with their backs to the wall,” said Zöllick.

“A lot of frustration, disappointment and anger has accumulated.

They are really big employers.

Tens of thousands of employees fear for their jobs. "

It is therefore necessary that hotels, restaurants and holiday apartments are allowed to reopen during the month of May, said Zöllick.

This applies "in any form, inside and outside".


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