[Explanation] Standing in front of the workbench, Ye Liqi, who is more than seventy years old, is seriously inlaying ancient coins.

I saw him pick out a broken ancient coin, cut it into pieces, glued it, and framed it.

In the past few years, Ye Liqi has made a large number of ancient coins of no practical value into paintings and calligraphy works, and has also obtained national patents.

A few days ago, the reporter came to Fuqing, Fujian, and interviewed Ye Liqi.

  [Explanation] In Ye Liqi's studio, the treasure tripod, sailboat, and sword made of ancient coins, as well as the characters and paintings, are dizzying.

In the 1980s and 1990s, Ye Liqi began collecting ancient coins.

After retiring in 2008, he and his friends purchased a large number of ancient coins in more than 10 provinces.

However, some ancient coins are broken and useless due to unclear money, excessive oxidation, etc., and can only be treated as scrap copper and rotten iron, which is a pity.

How to turn broken ancient coins into treasures?

After thinking about it, Ye Liqi decided to make them into handicrafts.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liqi, an ancient coin collector

  Because there are too many copper coins, especially some of the broken copper coins, I want to use them, so I made some simple ones at first, such as the Chinese zodiac, and the five good fortunes, and these things are relatively simple. Just inlay it, and then slowly made the calligraphy and painting of famous celebrities in the past.

  [Explanation] With an idea, Ye Liqi began to try.

Unexpectedly, he slowly explored some "doorways". He compiled some relatively complete ancient coins into treasure tripods, sailboats, swords, etc., while the more damaged square hole coins and knife coins were glued to the KT board to make calligraphy and painting. In 6 years, he has created more than 100 works of calligraphy and painting of ancient coins.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liqi, an ancient coin collector

  Let's get this template out first. After getting it out, we look for coins of different colors according to the color matching of different paintings. We cut this out first, and according to this red color, we use the matching red.

For example, if this is green, we will use the green color to match it up. It is to slowly cut one by one and then inlay it. It takes about ten processes to make a picture. For example, it takes more than a month to make paintings and calligraphy.

  [Explanation] Copying, double-hook drawing, distinguishing coin color, ancient coin tailoring... Creating ancient coin painting and calligraphy requires more than a dozen processes, which is very time-consuming and labor-intensive.

In Ye Liqi's studio, a painting caught the attention of reporters.

The ancient tree and two birds in the painting are all inlaid with Yan Guoming's sword, while the soil under the ancient tree is inlaid with bronze coins of various periods.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liqi, an ancient coin collector

  These copper coins are all Yan Guoming knives, and Yan Guoming knives, which were buried in the soil for more than a thousand years, were unearthed for nearly two thousand years, and many of them were broken.

So I inlaid the copper coins I collected into an ancient tree and made two birds.

  [Explanation] Ye Liqi spent a lot of effort to create ancient coins, calligraphy and painting. The family did not understand at first, thinking that it was time-consuming and costly, but Ye Liqi enjoyed it.

  [Concurrent] Ye Liqi, an ancient coin collector

  Basically, I was buried in my head all day. Some of their friends came over and saw that I always buried my head in creating in it.

I am always happy now.

Because I am 48 years old (born), and now 74 years old, then our collection is a hobby, a complex, I will integrate the traditional Chinese cultural elements, such as this ancient money, and integrate it into the modern world. Kinds of elements come.

  [Explanation] In 2018, Ye Liqi received the utility model patent certificate for "A Kind of Calligraphy and Painting Crafts Inlaid with Ancient Coins" issued by the State Intellectual Property Office.

He also hopes that there will be a platform where these works can be well exhibited so that more people can understand the culture of ancient coins.

  Reporter Wu Shengwei reports from Fuzhou, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Wang Kai]