The woman was dragged by a tricycle for several tens of meters. The bus driver struggled to chase and stop.

  At 2 pm on March 28 this year, Duan Shaowei, the driver of Route 803 of Chengdu Shuangliu Bus Company, drove from Huaxing Metro Station to Shuangliu Passenger Transport Center Station as usual.

When he reached the Guihua intersection, he encountered pedestrians passing by, so he stopped to be courteous and observed the road conditions left and right.

At this time, he saw that a middle-aged woman in front of him was arguing with a tricycle master.

Suddenly, the tricycle master drove away, and the middle-aged woman was still holding the carriage in her hands. She was instantly hung to the ground and towed by the tricycle.

"Ouch! Ouch!" The woman clutched the carriage tightly and kept crying for help. The tricycle master didn't even bother her calling for help, and drove her to cross the intersection.

  After seeing this scene, Duan Shaowei yelled at the tricycle master on the bus, asking him to stop.

After that, he parked the car in a safe place, rushed out of the car and ran to the tricycle that was moving forward.

In the end, Duan Shaowei and the public joined forces to stop the tricycle on the side of the road. The middle-aged woman escaped danger and was sent to a doctor for treatment. The tricycle master was taken away by the police.


  He yelled and saved two families

  Duan Shaowei’s brave actions have been praised by many netizens, and have also attracted the attention of Alibaba’s Tiantianzheng Energy Charity Platform. His staff specially contacted Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News, hoping to jointly reward him with the Tiantianzheng Energy Special Award and 5,000 yuan positive energy gold. .

  "He used his blood and instinct in his heart to defend the righteousness of a city!" Alibaba's daily positive energy staff said, seeing the evil deeds unfolding, Duan Shaowei rushed forward immediately to stop the vehicle for social justice and the safety of others. , Control the perpetrators, this is due to the sense of justice rooted in the heart.

Above the post, he delivered the passengers safely to the destination. Outside the post, the road was unfair and daring to help.

This time a heroic fight is not only written in the gratitude of the beneficiaries, but also engraved in our hearts.

  In his awards speech to Duan Shaowei, Ali wrote positively every day-in broad daylight, a life was brutally dragged on the street; desperately desperate, he rushed forward after angrily to save the stranger from life to death.

Lu saw the injustice with a roar, and did not hesitate to act decisively. He successfully avoided a tragedy and saved two families.

You are brave, brave, and chivalrous. You are worthy of respect!

Reward and tribute, and also praise all passersby who shot. Thank you for protecting a helpless passerby and protecting the sense of security of a city.


  Didn't think too much, just wanted to save people

  It is understood that the family members of the injured woman obtained Duan Shaowei's contact information through various inquiries after the incident, and sent a red envelope to express his gratitude, but Duan Shaowei politely declined.

  On April 8, the reporter contacted the family of the injured.

For the help of the bus driver Duan Shaowei and the passers-by, the injured expressed his great gratitude: "If it weren't for everyone to help me stop the tricycle, the consequences would be disastrous. They saved my life!"

  After learning of the award, Duan Shaowei expressed his special thanks to Ali Tiantian’s positive energy affirmation, “I didn’t think too much about it at the time, I just wanted to save people.” Duan Shaowei revealed that afterwards, people around him were worried that he would be retaliated, but Duan Shaowei himself was not afraid. I did what I should do!"

  It is understood that "Tiantian Positive Energy" is a large-scale online public welfare project jointly initiated by Alibaba Group and more than 100 mainstream media across the country, including this newspaper. An open platform for public welfare dissemination.

Up to now, "Tiantian Positive Energy" has invested a total of 80 million yuan, rewarded more than 9,000 people, and received widespread attention and praise from the society.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Yan Xue