China News Service, Xi'an, April 10 (Dang Tian Ye Alena) Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (Shanxi University of Science and Technology) and Xi'an University of Technology (Xi'an University of Technology), located in Xi'an, Shaanxi, have disputes over the naming of subway stations.

Shaanxi University of Science and Technology requested its kindergartens to stop accepting the children of faculty and staff of Xi’an University of Technology, which aroused public concern.

The staff of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology said in an interview with a reporter from China News Network on the 9th that the current child care problem has been properly resolved.

  What triggered the dispute between the two schools was the naming of a station on Line 14 of the Xi'an Metro.

The station is not far from Shaanxi University of Technology and Xi'an University of Technology.

According to previous reports, at the beginning of 2020, the official website of Xi'an Metro announced that the relevant station of Line 14 was initially named "Xi'an Technological University Station."

This incident caused dissatisfaction among the alumni of the masters and students of Shaanxi University. The teachers and students of the school have repeatedly communicated with the Xi'an Metro on the naming of subway stations.

  The reporter saw that on March 10, a netizen who claimed to be a teacher of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology said in the message section of the Shaanxi Provincial Government website: “Xi’an Metro Line 14 is about to be put into trial operation. Public information shows that the nearest station to our school is away from our school. It is only 100 meters away, and the name of this station does not reflect the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, but is named after Xi’an Technological University and the road. In this regard, the teachers and students of our school are very puzzled. This station is so close to our school Since it can be named after Xi’an Technological University, why can’t it reflect our school’s name on the station name?"

The picture shows Xi'an Technological University.

Photo by Alina

  Xi'an officials replied on March 17 that the same suggestion had been received during the public opinion solicitation process, and this suggestion has been submitted to the expert discussion meeting.

  On March 24, some netizens reported that Shaanxi University of Science and Technology refused to accept the children of teachers of Xi’an University of Technology because of its dissatisfaction with the name "Xi'an Technological University Station" at the Xuefu Road Station of Metro Line 14.

  The official Weiyang District of Xi’an City replied to the netizen on March 26 that Weiyang District Academy Dandelion Kindergarten is located in the Qinyuan Community of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

The 40 children who were asked to leave the kindergarten were all children of the faculty and staff of Xi'an University of Technology.

  According to official investigations, the kindergarten has problems such as the decision-making agency not fulfilling its duties in accordance with the procedures, the management of the kindergarten is not standardized, and the kindergarten admission policy is violated. The relevant district-level departments have issued a "Notice of Ordering Rectification" to it.

At the same time, it actively contacted 3 kindergartens in the surrounding area and obtained 79 degrees. It has formulated a child diversion plan and will actively assist in the diversion work of 40 children to ensure stable admission.

  The Weiyang District official replied again on April 7 that it was understood that the kindergarten was not able to rectify it in a timely manner after the district-level relevant department ordered it to rectify in a timely manner, and it was not timely to correct the violations.

Relevant district-level departments have timely interviewed the head of the park and ordered the park to further strengthen communication and consultation with Shaanxi University of Science and Technology to ensure education fairness.

At the same time, the park’s violations have been notified and criticized throughout the district.

Relevant district-level departments have repeatedly communicated and negotiated with the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology on this matter, and they have reported the relevant situation to the superior department in a timely manner.

  In order to ensure the admission of children to nursery schools, relevant district-level departments have actively coordinated territorial preschool resources and actively guided the triage of children.

At present, except for 6 children, other children have been properly diverted.

For the remaining 6 children, the kindergarten is actively connecting with them and will make proper arrangements according to the wishes of the parents.

  Earlier, a staff member of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology stated in an interview with the media that during the negotiations between the two schools on the naming of subway stations, the leaders of Xi’an University of Technology made it clear that their children should be resolved by themselves. Then accept the children of Xi'an Technological University into nursery school.

  On April 9, the staff of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology said in an interview with a reporter from that the subway party’s solicitation of opinions from the society on the naming took place in early 2020, and it didn’t take long for the station name to be initially determined.

The transfer problem of kindergarten children occurred in March 2021. The two events were separated by more than a year, and there is no correlation.

The picture shows the kindergarten under the Shaanxi University of Science and Technology.

Photo by Dang Tianye

  The staff member stated that the leaders of Xi’an University of Technology twice clearly stated that the children’s enrollment in the nursery would be resolved by themselves, and the two schools carried out normal transfer work on the basis of an agreement.

But in the transfer process, there are some loopholes in the connection of details.

The two schools have been in close contact and in-depth communication, striving to solve the problem satisfactorily as soon as possible.

At present, the child's enrollment issues involved in the incident have been properly handled.

  The reporter called Xi'an University of Technology on this matter, but as of press time, no response was received from the school.

  A reporter from saw that the two universities are very close to each other, and they can be called neighbors.

According to the previous official reply from Xi’an, the naming of the subway station can be finalized only after preliminary plan research, public opinion solicitation, expert research and demonstration, and draft plan submission for review.