Anti-Covid vaccines and the law of the market

Anti-Covid vaccination in Bombay, India on January 16, 2021 (Illustrative image) © FRANCIS MASCARENHAS / REUTERS

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Since the end of last year (2020), the world's largest pharmaceutical companies have been producing or seeking to produce vaccines against Sars Cov2, more generally referred to as Covid-19.

Vaccination is the lethal weapon against the virus



However, the production of doses of vaccines supposes research, development, factories for production and for bottling, distribution chains, and therefore investments, financing and costs.

Who invests, who finances, who sells and who buys?

These are the first questions asked in this program.  

And many others that arise around these economic phenomena: are anti-Covid vaccines a market good like any other, does the vaccine market obey the simple law of supply and asks, do the production and distribution of these little bottles that we have all seen more or less closely obey the laws of the market, or should they escape them and become a public good, a common good?   

To answer these important questions, Jean-Pierre Boris welcomes four guests to this program Éco from here Éco from elsewhere.

Marie-Ange Saraka-Yao 

is director of Gavi, the International Vaccine Alliance which is funded primarily by the WHO, the World Bank and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

She is one of its general directors, in charge of the Department of Resource Mobilization, Partnerships with the Private Sector and Innovative Financing. 

Nathalie Coutinet 


Health economist, lecturer at the University of Paris 13. She has signed, with Philippe Abecassis, a book entitled "The economy of medicine".

La Découverte editions, Repères collection.

Nathalie Coutinet is a member of the collective of appalled economists. 

Dr Anissa Boumlic

is a member of the Executive Board of AVMI, Initiative for the production of vaccines in Africa.

Ms. Boumlic is Associate Director of the Department of Viral Therapy and Vaccine Development for Africa Middle East at Merck MSD, a German company.

Pierre-Yves Geoffard

is a professor at the Paris School of Economics, research director at the CNRS and studies director at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales.


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