According to the China Weather Network, today (April 10), during the daytime, Beijing will be cloudy and cloudy, with light rain or sporadic light rain in the northern region, and the temperature will rise, with the highest temperature being 19°C.

Tomorrow will be cloudy in Beijing, and the temperature will continue to rise, with a maximum temperature of 21°C.

  Yesterday, the amount of cloud in the sky in Beijing increased and the temperature dropped. At 14:00 in the afternoon, the temperature in the southern suburbs observatory was 16.7°C.

  Today, the temperature in Beijing has picked up, and there are rain disturbances in the north.

The Beijing Meteorological Observatory issued a weather forecast at 6 o'clock this morning. It is expected that it will turn cloudy during the day, with light rain or sporadic light rain in the northern region; the north will turn to the south and the wind will be two or three to the fourth level, and the maximum temperature will be 19℃; it will be overcast at night (scattered light rain in the northern mountainous area). (Or light rain) to cloudy, south to north breeze level two or three, the lowest temperature is 12 ℃.

  It was mostly cloudy on Sunday in Beijing, and the temperature continued to rise, with the highest temperature being 21℃ and the lowest temperature being 13℃.

At present, the pollen concentration is at an extremely high level, and willow catkins are gradually entering a high-incidence period, and sensitive people need to strengthen protection when going out.

  Next week, the cold air will be more frequent.

From the night of the 12th to the 13th, around the 15th, and around the 17th, there are cold air influences, mainly reflected in the strong northerly wind and slight fluctuations in temperature. Among them, the 13th was affected by the cold air and the temperature dropped significantly. Please pay attention to the public. Nowcast, adjust your dress in time.