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  • TF1 broadcast this Friday the fifth episode of 

    Koh-Lanta: The secret weapons


  • Surprise, amazement, amazement… There are not enough words to describe Aurélien's reaction after his elimination caused by the members of the yellow tribe.

  • “When I found myself in the infirmary [...], they were all waiting for me to come back.

    It's paradoxical to fire me a few days later, ”remarks the candidate for

    20 Minutes


It would be an understatement to say he hadn't seen it coming.

And yet, at the end of the fifth episode of 


, it is indeed the torch of Aurélien that Denis Brogniart extinguished.

The surprise is total for the candidate who provided for all the needs of his comrades but who, according to them, would have lacked tact in his relations with the members of his tribe.

Despite this hasty departure, the pharmacist keeps a precious memory of his adventure and confides his feelings around his elimination at 

20 Minutes


Five months after the end of filming, are you still stunned?

Quite frankly, I am someone who is really moving forward.

Even a few hours after my elimination, I was already starting to try to move forward.

It's just a game, somewhere I played badly so I'm paying the price.

I have my share of responsibility so I assume it and it is true that it is very disappointing because I was keen to give myself and to go far in this adventure.

Obviously, there is disappointment and even today, I have small regrets. 

When Shanice says to you "You're the person I trust the least on this camp", do you understand why?

No, absolutely not, we are looking for excuses.

Clearly, their strategy is good, the player that I recognize when the opponent plays well.

On the other hand, their explanation makes no sense.

As much as I am told that we are getting closer to reunification, that big potentials like mine, athletic, logical and good at survival, are a bit of a shadow.

That suits me very well as an explanation.

It makes me laugh softly because I know for a fact that I have always worked for this team, I carried it to the top.

When it took, every morning, to get out of bed first and realize that when I arrived with my arms loaded with crabs, the others were barely removing what they had in the corners of their eyes, that makes me laugh a little.

What is special is that no one has ever dared to tell you anything ...


The atmosphere was quite positive.

Thomas had always sworn to me that he would not vote against me, which I foolishly believed because he had confided in me a lot, we had really discussed a lot of subjects for a very long time.

It is true that it surprised me.

Laetitia, I think she did not quite understand what was going on behind my elimination.

By not coming to speak to me, she signs my death warrant, but she also loses the big advantage that the talisman represents in attack mode.

That means she didn't even gamble about it, telling herself that it was going to be problematic for her.

In this episode, Shanice says “Aurélien has absolutely no idea that people are fed up with him.

»Would you have liked it to be told to your face?

Above all, Shanice has boasted over and over again that she is the very honesty yet she never came to talk to me about anything.

That is the first thing.

On the other hand, where it is more embarrassing is that Laetitia is the one who should have come to talk to me about it.

If she had had a logic of operation of


, she would have remembered that the talisman was common and that we had said that we would protect each other.

If she is doing on the outing before and people don't vote against her, it's also because with Shanice, we worked to keep her.

I hadn't necessarily worked for the right reasons because I had the talisman in mind, but nevertheless, I fulfilled my part of the contract.

From a strategic point of view, Laetitia missed it.

If you had had the choice, would you have preferred not to be a chef?



, I started from the principle that you should never be a chef, it's too risky a position.

For the softer ones, you will be too directive and for the tough ones, you will be too lax.

You can't please everyone and it has to put a target on your back.

Above all, I would not have wanted to be a chef, all the more so when I realize that I am with Laetitia who, in terms of leadership and the desire to be a chef, is close to nothing.

And besides, I get the talisman which is a bit of a poisoned gift.

Either I can use it as a necklace, I run away but I have the girls against me.

Either I use it in attack but that means that I must necessarily keep Laetitia under the elbow.

In your team, you managed hunting, fishing, fire ... Do you regret having composed this tribe?

I know it's something we could have said to each other but no, this team is worth what it's worth.

Despite everything, we manage to perform in events against ultra-physical Reds who have never been unworthy.

I think the team formed is valid, I can't blame them all.

Of course, I would have liked to have people backing me up.

After a while, this weariness of always being the engine is tiring.

And there is the ungrateful side of thinking that they saw me when that very morning I brought them three bowls of crabs and fish.

I say to myself "there anyway, the ungrateful they saw me while I do everything.

That's why I tell them I think they'll regret it.

It’s not resentment, it’s really thoughtful, I really mean it.

When I found myself in the infirmary, nothing happened all day, no one messed up on the camp and they were all waiting for me to come back.

It's paradoxical to fire me a few days later.

Have you been able to talk about your elimination at a rested head with the other members of your team afterwards?

Thomas apologized, he came back to me when I brought up the matter.

I absolutely don't blame anybody, I have no animosity and it's not for me to judge the way they played.

Myriam also expressed some reservations on the fact that indeed, it was not the best solution at the time.

Shanice, no, I haven't heard back from him.

But water has flowed under the bridges, I see


as an enchanted parenthesis in my life and I have no complaints towards them.


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