A fire in Tende has mobilized more than fifty firefighters since Wednesday -

C. Sartor / Sdis06

Since Wednesday afternoon, more than fifty firefighters and Force 06 agents have been fighting on a brush fire in Tende, near the Vievola chapel, in the Alpes-Maritimes.

According to information from the departmental fire and rescue service (Sdis) 06 this Friday morning: the fire is under control.

In total, 30 hectares of surface were burned.

"Foci persist at the bottom of the left flank, they are treated by the firefighters and the Force 06 agents, indicates the Sdis 06 this Friday morning.

About fifty firefighters are still involved in the intervention.


Two days of struggle

From Wednesday, the firefighters were helicoptered to the inflamed area in order to control the brush fire, still according to information from Sdis 06. For two days, they have made it possible to fix the left flank.

Some outbreaks still exist but of moderate intensity.

Ground work continues this Friday.

A water bomber helicopter is on alert to intervene this Friday if the weather conditions allow it and if the evolution of the situation requires it.

He has already intervened Thursday afternoon to carry out drops.

Rescue devices remained on site, under surveillance, during the nights from Wednesday to Thursday and from Thursday to Friday to treat these outbreaks.


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