What is the enlightenment of being "double-opened" for the director of the platform of "Peace Sutra"?

  On April 6, Huo Yuncheng, the former director of the Jilin Provincial Emergency Management Department, ushered in his "double opening" announcement.

  In August last year, when Huo Yuncheng just fell off the horse, he did not arouse widespread public attention.

However, with the publicity of the "double opening" notice, the local Commission for Discipline Inspection also made some of its illegal details public.

Among them, the details of "violating regulations to subordinates to purchase and publicize the "Peace Classics"" aroused widespread public attention, and Huo Yuncheng also successfully "out of the circle" with this notification.

  In July last year, the "masterpiece" "The Peaceful Classics", which was then the executive deputy director of the Jilin Provincial Public Security Department, caused public opinion to question: the strange contents of the book once aroused ridicule.

What is even more shocking is that the WeChat official account of the Jilin Provincial Emergency Management Department published the article "Reflections on Reading the "Ping An Sutra"" at that time, calling the book "the giant system of Confucian scholars."

  At that time, many netizens saw the official account of the Provincial Emergency Management Department recommending this book, and still had questions.

But with the disclosure of Huo Yuncheng's "double opening" reasons, his ambiguous relationship with the congratulatory message has also surfaced.

If there is any problem behind this, it is that some officials use their power and public resources to pat on the beards of small circles and endorse each other with flattery.

  Obviously, the reason why Huo Yuncheng published a flattering article for the congratulatory message on the official account of the Provincial Emergency Management Department under his authority is not really thinking how good the congratulatory message is. The "personal relationship" in the small circle sold the congratulatory message "a face".

  In fact, on weekdays, everyone is "like a literati", and it’s okay to "like" each other in private, but once the use of power and public resources is involved, and the power in hand is used to "endorse" the other party’s private affairs, it has already crossed the line. Up.

What's more, the quality of this book is already extremely poor. It is called "The Great Confucianism". Such excessive exertion makes it even more ugly.

  Public resources can only be used by the people, and they must not be used as a tool for slacking and cheating among small circles of officials.

Nowadays, with the announcement of Huo Yuncheng's "Shuangkai" announcement, his "relationship" with the congratulatory message and the "Peace Classics" is well known.

A farce has finally come to an end, and the absurdity and arbitrariness in it are a lesson worth remembering forever.

  □Ma Xiaolong (media person)