The first vaccine arrived in Setagaya Ward, Tokyo on the morning of the 8th, when vaccination for the elderly with the new coronavirus will begin next week.

Vaccination for the elderly in Tokyo is scheduled to begin next week in Setagaya Ward and Hachioji City.

Prior to this, the first vaccine used for inoculation arrived at a facility in Setagaya Ward on the morning of the 8th.

The Pfizer vaccine arrived for about 1000 people, and first two large boxes of vaccine and dry ice were carefully unloaded from the truck and carried into the facility.

After confirming that the temperature inside the large box was kept at minus 75 degrees Celsius, the vaccine was placed in the ultra-low temperature freezer = deep freezer in the facility, which was also set at minus 75 degrees Celsius.

Setagaya Ward has a policy of starting vaccination from residents of special nursing homes for the elderly, and the vaccine that arrived on the 8th will be shipped frozen to the facility.

Naoki Teranishi, Chief of the Inoculation Coordination Section in Setagaya Ward, said, "I have been preparing since last year, so I have a strong feeling that I have finally arrived. I would like to proceed with vaccination with safety first."