Spring is thicker after the wind and rain

——Written on the first anniversary of the lifting of the control of the Lihan Channel in Wuhan

  Jiangcheng spring is colorful.

  "Is it too early? Have you been vaccinated?" On the way to work, Chen Ling, a grid member of Wuhan Donghu New City Community Grid, greeted the residents enthusiastically when she saw the residents.

In Qingming last year, she went door-to-door to deliver rice, vegetables, and medicines to the residents; this year, she never took a break, and has been busy arranging vaccination times for residents and reminding them to pay attention to matters.

  On April 8, 2020, when Wuhan lifted the control of the Lihan Passage, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote back to all community workers in the Donghu New Town community: "After I came back from Wuhan, I have been concerned about the majority of cadres and people in Wuhan, including your community. Life in Wuhan’s communities is gradually returning to normal, and I am very happy.”

  Over the past year, Chen Ling and all community workers have always kept in mind the cordial encouragement of General Secretary Xi Jinping, "Grasp the epidemic prevention and control work carefully, and serve the people with heart and affection."

The Donghu New Town community is like all communities in Wuhan, "unblocked" but not "disarmed". So far, the entrance and exit of the community are still equipped with thermometers and volunteers are on duty.

  Chen Ling said: “Busy to be busy, but it is particularly meaningful. We must not let the hard-won epidemic prevention and control results be abandoned.” Starting from mid-May 2020, Wuhan has completed nearly 10 million in the city in only half a month. Nucleic acid testing of the population.

Right now, Wuhan is launching a large-scale free vaccination of the new crown vaccine, which has so far received more than 4 million doses.

  Wake up in the morning to eat a bowl of hot dry noodles, dance a square dance in the evening, and go to the park to visit the shopping mall...This familiar daily life in front of me made Chen Ling sigh with emotion, "Wuhan survived, we survived!"

  The hero city is changing day by day

  Medical equipment, traditional Chinese medicine, protective materials... On April 6, in the exhibition halls of Wuhan International Expo Center and Wuhan International Convention and Exhibition Center, the staff were intensively deploying exhibitions.

On April 8, the 3rd World Health Expo was held here to showcase the most cutting-edge new products, new technologies and new achievements in the field of health.

  In the 76 days that the Lihan Passage was closed, the Expo Center and the Exhibition Center were transformed into square cabin hospitals overnight, and they have now restored their original functions.

Since the second half of last year, the exhibition schedules for the conferences have expired, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises have followed one after another, and large investment projects have flooded in.

The Wuhan living room next to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital only hosted 6 exhibitions last year, but this year has already lined up 37 exhibitions, and it is expected that there will be more than 50 exhibitions throughout the year.

On November 20, 2020, the first China 5G+ Industrial Internet Conference opened in Wuhan Optics Valley Technology Exhibition Center.

Driven by the high-tech industry, Wuhan has overcome the impact of the epidemic and returned to the top ten cities in the country in terms of economic aggregate in 2020. The added value of the digital economy will account for about 40% of the city’s GDP.

  Victory reports from Wuhan's medical community are also frequent.

In February this year, Union Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology completed the 100th child heart transplant operation.

On March 20th, the National Health Commission announced the results of the 2020 Chinese hospitals "Patients and Medical Staff Double Satisfaction" ranking results. Tongji Hospital affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology ranked first in the ranking of general hospitals in the country.

  Liu Yuhang, Li Xuyang, and Shi Kaiyou are all the builders of China Construction Third Bureau.

At the beginning of last year, they were racing and racing against time in sweat and mud; this year, they may contribute to the construction site of Hubei’s largest prefabricated housing demonstration project, or in Central China’s largest smart logistics park SF Wuhan E-commerce Industrial Park. Sweating like rain... They said that when the Huoshenshan Hospital and Leishenshan Hospital were built, they were fighting for faith and passion, but now they are fighting for enthusiasm and pride. "We are proud of the heroic city of Wuhan, and I believe that Wuhan will become more and more important. Great!"

  The terraces and vegetation return to tranquility; the streets and alleys reappear to life.

Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street is one of the oldest commercial streets in Wuhan.

At zero o'clock on April 8th last year, the bell of Jianghan Pass once resounded across the country with the Internet and became an unforgettable memory for people.

Today, this century-old street, which has been completely renovated and upgraded after the epidemic, is very lively, with 16.25 million passengers in the first quarter of this year.

  "I see neon dancing, and miss the taste of this city..." On the evening of March 24, accompanied by the beautiful melody of "Meet in Wuhan", the old-fashioned buildings on Jianghan Road Pedestrian Street were lit up by a brilliant light show.

"The'Flower young Wuhan' cherry blossom market activity has doubled the sales of our store!" said Chen Xiaofen, general manager of Hubei Semir. After lifting the control of the Lihan Channel, the government introduced many good policies such as rent reduction and rent exemption, and stimulating consumption. "Now, we His confidence is completely back!"

  Warm service in exchange for sincerity

  The morning light is faint, Yan Yuying sings.

Hu Mingrong, the secretary of the party committee and director of the neighborhood committee of Jiangxinyuan Community, Jiangdi Street, Hanyang District, who is famous for his "6:30 morning walking method", still goes deep into the community at 6:30 every morning to earnestly understand the demands of residents.

  During the epidemic prevention and control work in February last year, Hu Mingrong kept calling and coordinating various matters every day, and his voice was hoarse.

She and the community staff are busy day and night, answering nearly 600 calls every day.

Today, Hu Mingrong is still busy.

In order to better collect public sentiment and public opinion and serve the residents, she led community workers into their homes, changing "sitting and waiting" to "coming to the door."

Hu Mingrong creatively explored the "six-level organizational service system" of "community party committee-grid party branch-party group-party member-building leader-unit leader", extending the roots of the organization to building units and families.

"We must use our true feelings to exchange the sincerity of the residents."

  In the past year, through the establishment of new community party and mass service stations, the establishment of new era civilization practice stations, and the establishment of residents' volunteer service alliances, the governance capabilities of Wuhan's grassroots communities have been generally improved.

The community is organized, governance has a team, service has a carrier, operation has a mechanism, and work is guaranteed. It not only effectively solves the worries and troubles at the door of the people, but also increases the citizens' yearning for harmony, happiness and a better life. The power to forge ahead.

  Zhong Huyi, who lives in the spring district, was infected with new coronary pneumonia.

At the beginning, I was worried that there would be no beds, and I soon benefited from the government’s policy of "collecting all receivables." After hospitalization, I was worried about the high cost of treatment, and the government was all about it. After I was discharged, I worried that I would return to my home and become an "island". "A family upstairs and downstairs, and a family in neighbors."

After healed, he also joined the ranks of volunteers, responsible for ensuring the environmental sanitation of his building.

  During the epidemic, the majority of sinking party members in Wuhan created a heart-warming service of "knocking at the door and not seeing people, not seeing each other in service, quarantining but not being separated from love, and not being at home at home".

After the epidemic prevention and control became normal, 149,000 active party members in Wuhan "reported" to the community, and 1,793 party organizations in government agencies, enterprises, and institutions covered 1,428 communities in the city.

Reporting party members carry out acknowledgment of affairs, job recognition, and relatives, and meet the needs of residents in an all-round way through the "four fixed and four guarantees" method of appointing people, timing, filming, responsibilities, building houses, housing units, households, and people.

  After the Lihan Passage was lifted, Zhou Fengshuang, a 78-year-old lonely old man living alone in Weisan Community, Erqi Street, Jiang'an District, wrote a letter to the sinking cadre Yang Xi, hoping to see her again.

After receiving the letter, Yang Xi first called Xie Han to ask about warmth, and also helped the elderly buy vegetables and deliver them to the door.

After the normalization of the sinking of the community, she took the initiative to join the community "elderly care team" and "acquainted" with the elderly Zhou Fengshuang. She often visited and took care of the elderly and became the "grandfather and grandson" who are not related by blood.

Yang Xi said: "As long as everyone is willing to shine, it is a beam of light. The heroic people of Wuhan, the warmth and love gained through sacrifice and hard work, are enough to make our lives radiate as brilliant as gold."

  After the epidemic, Wuhan's human touch has become stronger.

Because the citizens know well that every ordinary person around him may be a hero during the war.

Every ordinary morning lingering with the scent of hot dried noodles is the result of the unremitting efforts of all ordinary heroes in this city.

  Meet the cherry blossoms in spring

  "Jiangnan has nothing, just give a spring." "Listen to me thank you, because of you, the four seasons are warm, thank you, thank you, the world is more beautiful..." At noon on March 12, when the Wuhan Tianhe Airport broadcast This familiar melody sounded again. When the medical aid team members from Xinjiang, Guizhou and other places appeared in the terminal lobby again, Chen Xing, deputy director of the comprehensive management office of Wuhan Airport Group Hubei Airport Business Travel Service Co., Ltd., and the sisters jumped again. I started the dance rehearsed in March last year, and tears fell involuntarily.

  "Welcome to Wuhan again next year!" In late March last year, 14 youth league members, including Chen Xing, voluntarily organized a "Farewell Volunteer Team" and invited them like this every time they bid farewell at the boarding gate.

"The medical team members who assisted Hubei are back, and we want them to see the most beautiful Wuhan." Chen Xing said.

  On the morning of March 13, medical team members from Jiangsu aided Hubei came to Wuhan to enjoy cherry blossoms and wanted to taste the authentic Wuhan hot and dry noodles.

As soon as they sat down in a breakfast shop in Jiangxia District, they were recognized by the citizens because of the words on their team uniforms, "Son, remember, these guests from afar are angels in white who have worked hard for us!" A lady saw "Benefactor" immediately stepped forward and held their hands tightly, crying, "Thank you! Thank you..." The whole snack bar boiled, and people bowed and applauded to express their heartfelt gratitude.

Li Zheng, the owner of the snack bar, insisted on insisting: "I am free today!"

  Last year, the people of the whole country cheered for "hot dry noodles"; this year, "hot dry noodles" thanked the whole country.

"We will not forget the solemn promise we made last year. When the cherry blossoms open in March next year, we invite you and your family to come to Wuhan University to see the cherry blossoms!" On March 13, at the opening ceremony of Wuhan University's anti-epidemic medical care special cherry blossom viewing ceremony, Wuhan University President Dou Xiankang said emotionally.

On this day, Wuhan University welcomed more than 10,000 anti-epidemic heroes, including 3,000 medical staff who assisted Hubei.

Wuhan University Sakura and East Lake Sakura Garden are the two business cards of Wuhan Sakura. Last year, the lonely empty garden was very popular this year.

During the blooming season in March this year, Wuhan University made an appointment with more than 10,000 tourists every day, and the East Lake Sakura Garden set a new historical record, with the number of tourists reaching 80,000 in two days.

Throughout March, the East Lake Sakura Garden received nearly one million tourists.

  "It feels like going home, so pleasantly surprised!" On March 17, Xu Qiuying, a nurse from the second batch of Sichuan's medical aid to Hubei, and her lover Peng Yu returned to Wuhan to enjoy cherry blossoms and take wedding photos.

When I came to the hotel room where Xu Qiuying stayed last year, the red "囍" character, red bedding, and red balloons made the war-fighting couple feel pleasantly surprised.

Since the beginning of the spring, Xu Min, the manager of the media department of Golden Shield Hotel Group, said: "Since March this year, our hotel has been in a state of'full room' almost every day. Thanks to the medical staff for retrograde Wuhan and their selfless efforts, we are here."

  Industries such as tourism, catering, hotels, and transportation were once the industries most affected by the epidemic in Wuhan.

In August last year, the Hubei Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism launched the "Walk with Love and Travel to Hubei" activity, and the enthusiasm of the people across the country to "check in to Wuhan" is high.

The 44 scenic spots included in the event received more than 21 million tourists, an increase of 27.5% over the same period in 2019.

Wuhan's annual tourist reception and comprehensive tourism income have both recovered to more than 80% of 2019.

Wuhan's hotel and catering industry has fully recovered. In the first two months of this year, 11 of the 20 catering companies with annual revenues of more than 100 million yuan increased by more than 10% year-on-year in 2019.

Jian Hong, secretary general of the Chu Chamber of Commerce, expressed excitement in his words: "Thank the people all over the country for helping and pulling hands during the most difficult period in Hubei. The hardest days are over!"

  "The mountains and rivers are intact, and Wuhan is awesome!" Seeing the bustling market, enjoying the cherry blossoms in the city, climbing the Yellow Crane Tower, and You Zhiyin, the medical team members who assisted Hubei praised: "The heroic city and the heroic people have created a double miracle of war and development. !"

  Our reporter He Guanghua Tian Doudou