Hangzhou beauty spent 3.7 million to buy a house and found that she could not live in

  The intermediary said it was a "type of residence", but the relevant departments clearly planned the use for shopping malls, business, entertainment, and complex buildings.

  Our reporter Jiang Minhua

  "I have been telling me that this is a commercial and residential building that can live in. However, after signing the contract, I found out that this is an office building and there is no way to live in it." Recently, Hangzhou citizen Zhang Liang (pseudonym) complained to Qianjiang Evening News. Bad experience of buying a house.

  Zhang Liang took a fancy to a well-decorated room in Zhongmin Building more than a month ago.

Although knowing that the property of the house is a non-residential property, the agent told her that the house is a "commercial-reformed residence", and the decoration of the house is no different from an ordinary house. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc. are all available, making her think it is this set. A house is a "commercial housing" that can be used for both office and habitability.

  After she signed the contract and paid a deposit of 150,000 yuan, she unexpectedly learned from the property office of the building that the house was a pure office building and could not be occupied at all.

What the hell does this happen?

  Moved by fine decoration

  Place an order in a hurry on the day of the inspection

  Not long ago, Zhang Liang saw a piece of information on the sale of Zhongmin Building 1805 in the WeChat Moments forwarded by the intermediary.

On February 24, Zhang Liang made an appointment with an intermediary to inspect the house in Zhongmin Building.

  Since Zhang Liang currently has no qualifications to purchase a house, she can only purchase non-residential houses with unlimited purchases.

"I have repeatedly expressed to intermediaries that buying a house is to improve housing. Even if the property right is not a house, it must have residential use functions." Zhang Liang emphasized.

  Zhongmin Building 1805 has a construction area of ​​135m2, three bedrooms and two bathrooms, newly renovated.

"After seeing the house, I'm still very satisfied with the truth, especially the decoration." Zhang Liang said that she signed a deposit contract on the same day, and the house price was cut from a listing price of more than 3.8 million yuan (excluding parking spaces) to 3.72 million. Yuan (including parking space).

After signing the contract, Zhang Liang transferred a deposit of 150,000 yuan to the landlord and prepaid 10,000 yuan as an intermediary fee to the intermediary.

  On March 1, Zhang Liang signed a formal contract with the landlord and completed the online signing.

The contract stipulates that Zhang Liang must pay the down payment before May 30, and the penalty is 20% of the total price of the house.

Zhang Liang happily signed the contract.

  Be told by the property that no one can live in

  Wanted to terminate the contract but was rejected by the landlord

  But on March 20, Zhang Liang was shocked by a news.

The property told her that the house can only be used for offices, not for people.

If the owner must live, he will be forcibly evicted.

  Didn’t it say that this is a “commercial-residential building” where people can live?

Feeling that something was wrong, Zhang Liang immediately went to an agent and landlord to make a theory.

However, the landlord insisted that the house can live in.

"The landlord said that the property is just a nanny and has no right to drive people away. Why didn't I tell the property that I was working here?" Zhang Liang said.

  In addition, Zhang Liang also found that the prices of houses in Zhongmin Building were very low due to the inability to live in.

For example, Zhongmin Building 1605 has almost the same layout as 1805. The previous listing price was 17,000 yuan/m2 (including parking spaces), while the 1805 transaction unit price was as high as 27,500 yuan/m2 (including parking spaces).

Zhang Liang feels that there is nothing simple behind this matter.

  After the incident, Zhang Liang consulted with the landlord Mr. Ying three times.

Zhang Liang hoped to terminate the contract and expressed willingness to compensate the landlord 30,000 yuan.

However, Mr. Ying did not accept this condition.

"If the contract is to be terminated, the penalty is 20% of the total price of the house."

  According to the information provided by the intermediary afterwards, the bottom line of compensation demanded by the landlord should not be less than 500,000 yuan.

  Intentionally conceal the facts?

  More doubts surfaced

  Zhongmin Building cannot live in people, is it a side word of the property?

On March 26, Mr. Wu, the person in charge of the property management office of Zhongmin Building, told reporters from Qian Bao: “Zhongmin Building has always been an office building. If you want to live in it for a long time, it will definitely not work. Relevant departments will also ask us to check regularly. The situation will be reported and processed."

  "The 6th floor was approved by relevant departments in the past few years, and the fire-fighting facilities were remodeled. Now it is leased to some nearby hotels as dormitories. They have to work during the day and only come back at night, and they cannot cook inside." Mr. Wu said Except for the approval and renovation of the 6th floor, currently none of the Zhongmin Building is used to live in.

  Ms. Fang, a staff member of the property management office, also provided a message to the reporter of Qian Bao.

"The landlord bought the house in July last year and was renovated as soon as he bought it. They had to report to the property before the renovation. They did not say that it was going to be renovated into a family residence. Later, other owners reported that 1805 It’s been renovated into a house, and I went up to see it. I told them that people cannot live here, but the other party said that they are a decoration company. The house is used as a model house and the company will be moved over after the Chinese New Year."

  "Someone also commissioned us to make the company's corporate logo and index cards, and they are all done now. I only learned that the house was sold some time ago. It seems that the company will not move over." Ms. Fang said.

The Qianbao reporter noticed that on the index board in the lobby on the first floor, the decoration company was "Hangzhou Salmon Decoration Co., Ltd.".

  According to the contract information of the property reservation, the total contract price of Mr. Ying bought 1805 in July last year was 1.33 million yuan, and the unit price was less than 10,000 yuan/m2.

However, the property staff also said that the contract price should be lower, and the actual transaction unit price is about 13,000 yuan/m2.

"Before 1605, we also entrusted us to help sell the property. The listing price was 17,000 yuan/m2. It was sold for a while and almost no one looked at the house. Now it is rented out and temporarily not sold."

  Afterwards, Zhang Liang also began to doubt the identity of the landlord.

"One of the shareholders of Hangzhou Salmon Decoration Co., Ltd. is the landlord, Mr. Ying, who holds 50% of the shares. In addition, there is also a Hangzhou Gechuang Network Technology Co., Ltd. under the name of the landlord, which is the main account of the public account "Xiaozhai Xinsheng". "Zhang Liang said.

  The reporter from Qianbao found out that this was indeed the case through the Tianyan inspection.

The profile of the "Xiaozhai Xinsheng" public account describes it like this: "Residential replacement consulting service platform, second-hand housing appreciation service".

  In other words, what Zhang Liang met was a professional landlord, and the other party was likely to be a team "in battle."

After the incident, "Xiaozhai Xinsheng" has deleted a number of tweets, many of which were on houses like Zhongmin Building.

  Relevant department: Cannot live in

  Lawyer: Buyer can terminate the contract

  "A few days ago, I submitted a written application to the Hangzhou Municipal Housing and Housing Management Bureau to inquire about the planned use of Zhongmin Building." On April 1, Zhang Liang received a reply: Judging from the acceptance certificate and construction planning permit, the purpose is It is a shopping mall, business, entertainment, and complex building.

  A staff member of the Hangzhou Fire Department told Qian Bao reporter: “We collectively refer to the behaviors of people living in offices, factories, and shops as'three-in-one' illegal activities. Involving such illegal activities, the fire, public security, housing construction and other departments It can be managed. If someone lives in the above three types of places, as long as someone dials 12345 to report, the relevant department will definitely go to investigate and deal with it."

  Then, in the course of this transaction, did the intermediary fulfill the obligation of reviewing the house?

Zhang Liang saw the Zhongmin Building 1805 promotional page issued by the intermediary, which is a misleading word like "housing".

  Mr. Ni, the person in charge of Hangzhou Qitong Real Estate Agency Co., Ltd., which provides intermediary services, explained: “I accompanied Zhang Liang to the house on February 24th. That was the first time I saw this house. I didn’t know that the property was not allowed to live in. "

  It is understood that Hangzhou Qitong is a cooperative store of Hangzhou E-House, and the house purchase and sale contract bears the official seal of Hangzhou E-House.

"We have to investigate this matter before we can reach a conclusion." On the afternoon of April 6, Hangzhou E-House legal staff told Qian Bao reporters that they would investigate this incident and understand that relevant intermediaries were involved in this incident. Are there any violations in the incident.

  "Looking at the whole incident, even if the landlord and the intermediary's actions did not constitute a fraud, the decoration of the house into a family residence without clearly telling the buyer that'cannot live' was clearly induced and caused major misunderstandings by the buyer. Based on this fact, if both parties resolve the dispute through legal means, the court should support the buyer's request to terminate the contract." said Zhang Shuangpeng, a lawyer from Zhejiang Shengyin Law Firm.

  Whether the two sides will go to court in the end, and how the court will decide, this newspaper will continue to follow the latest development of this incident.

  Our reporter Jiang Minhua