Peng Chao, a young man with no arms from Sichuan, was admitted to Tongji University for postgraduate

  Remember Peng Chao, an armless youth from Sichuan?

When he was 6 years old, he was injured by high-voltage electricity and lost his arms. With the help of his parents, he began to practice life with his feet.

Admitted to the Law School of Sichuan University in 2015.

During college, he participated in the "Chinese Poetry Conference" and was awarded the title of "National Model of Self-Strengthening"...

  In the summer of 2019, Peng Chao graduated from Sichuan University. This year, he experienced a failure in the postgraduate entrance examination, but he did not give up. Instead, he worked while preparing for the exam.

  On March 27 this year, Peng Chao participated in the re-examination of the graduate student of Tongji University Law School and completed more than 3 hours of examination with his feet.

Peng Chao was successfully admitted to the Law School of Tongji University because his preliminary examination, written examination and interview results reached the admission score of the Law School.

  On the evening of April 6, Peng Chao said in an interview with a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News that compared to taking the college entrance examination before, the postgraduate examination is more difficult for him. There are too many words to write, and it feels like there is not enough time to write with his feet. .

"When I learned that I was going to be admitted, I let go of the rock dangling in my heart." Peng Chao said that in September this year, he will start graduate studies at Tongji University, and the next step is to take a doctorate.

  During his undergraduate study, he was rated as a national self-improvement model

  At the age of 6, Peng Chao was injured by high-voltage electricity and lost both arms.

Faced with the misfortune that came suddenly, Peng Chao also gave up on himself.

With constant encouragement from his parents, he regained his confidence in life and started to practice life with his feet with the help of his parents.

The first practice was to clamp the pebbles from one bowl to another with his feet. When the flexibility of his toes improved, he began to practice writing.

With one stroke, one stroke, and one flick, Peng Chao practiced for several hours a day. It took several months for Peng Chao to practice leg cramps, rub blisters, and write from crooked to neat writing.

Washing his face, brushing his teeth, dressing...everything other people do with his hands, he must practice with his feet.

  In 2015, Peng Chao was admitted to the law major of Sichuan University with a total score of 603.

Sichuan University deliberately remodeled Peng Chao’s bedroom. The bedroom was originally an upper bed and lower cabinet, but for Peng Chao, the school deliberately changed the bed underneath. The bathroom was also specially covered with wooden floors, and tables and chairs were customized for him. .

Peng Chao’s father, Peng Changfu, told reporters that when Peng Chao was in college, Sichuan University also arranged school logistics for him, allowing him to live in school to take care of Peng Chao.

  During his studies at Sichuan University, he participated in many extracurricular activities in addition to completing his professional knowledge of law.

The program group of "Chinese Poetry Conference" invited Peng Chao to participate in the recording.

In the end, he passed five rounds and cut six generals and won the show's first challenger.

He was also named "National Self-improvement Star Model of University Students" and "The Sixth National Self-improvement Model".

After 4 years, Peng Chao received about 60,000 yuan in various scholarships and bursaries.

  In June 2019, Peng Chao graduated from Sichuan University Law School, and he applied for a graduate student in law at Sichuan University.

However, Peng Chao’s first postgraduate entrance examination did not go smoothly. “At that time, I was not fully prepared for review and eventually failed to pass.”

  Prepare for exams while working

  He was admitted to Tongji University as a graduate student

  Peng Changfu told reporters that after Peng Chao graduated from university, he accepted an invitation from a training institution to go to various primary and middle schools for inspirational education.

In his spare time, Peng Chao spends most of his time reviewing at his home in Miyi County, Panzhihua, to prepare for graduate entrance exams. "He has always wanted to be admitted to graduate school. For this dream, he also worked very hard. He has to review for several hours a day. "In December last year, Peng Chao took part in the preliminary postgraduate exam again.

  On March 27 this year, Peng Chao took the postgraduate re-examination qualification examination of Tongji University Law School.

After learning about this situation, the leaders of the Graduate School of Tongji University wanted to ensure the fairness of the retest and provide humane services for the special candidate. They found two wooden stools and a wooden board for him in the written examination classroom. Installed as a special desk.

  On the afternoon of March 27, Peng Chao walked into the written examination room together with other re-examination candidates and completed all the test questions.

The interview took place on the afternoon of March 28.

On March 29, he was proposed to be admitted to Tongji University Law School.

The news was also reported by the People's Daily, CCTV and other media.

At the same time, Tongji University’s official Weibo also reposted a message saying, “Come on, student Peng, and welcome to Tongji University.”

  Peng Changfu said that Peng Chao was admitted to Tongji University as a graduate student and his family was very happy and very supportive of Peng Chao's postgraduate study.

"My son wants to go to graduate school so far away. I am still worried. I plan to continue to work in the city where he is studying, so that he can take care of him conveniently. However, he said he wants to go to graduate school alone and wants to exercise his independence. ."

  ■Dialogue with Peng Chao

  "Along the way,

  Thank you for your recognition and encouragement"

  On the evening of April 6, Peng Chao told reporters that he participated in the postgraduate interview of Tongji University on March 28, and received the admission notice from the school on March 30. “The admission notice is expected to be mailed home in May, and you can get it by then. Go to the school to sign up with the notice, and go to the school to report in September."

  Peng Chao said that compared to taking the college entrance examination before, the law graduate exam is more difficult for him. "The college entrance examination is more about answering questions and relatively less things need to be written. But my university is studying law, and many things need to be written. I always feel that there is not enough time to take the postgraduate law examination. I use my feet to answer the questions, and there are too many words to write, and I feel very tired after writing."

  The normal written test time is 3 hours. Because of Peng Chao's special situation, the time has been extended by 30% in accordance with relevant regulations.

"Politics subjects need to write more than 3,000 words, and professional courses also need to write 4,000 to 5,000 words, which is several times more than the words written in the college entrance examination. The language of the college entrance examination is less than 2,000 words." Peng Chao said after the outbreak last year. He devoted himself to reviewing at home, and when the epidemic began to ease, he went to work outside in September. “Being an inspirational lecturer is mainly to give lectures in primary and middle schools, and review while working. The monthly salary is enough for himself. You can also subsidize the family."

  Peng Chao said that in this postgraduate entrance examination process, the biggest enemy is himself, "I am alone at home reviewing every day, and I often feel lonely. I have to review for 10 hours a day. I start to review from the morning I wake up, and I have to review it until the evening. . Sometimes I feel tired, but fortunately I persisted.” However, his parents supported him for the postgraduate entrance examination and gave him a lot of confidence.

  Peng Chao told the Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter that along the way, I am very grateful to everyone for their recognition and encouragement, and also very grateful to Tongji University for his care and support.

"I will continue to work hard during the three years of postgraduate study at Tongji University, become a better self, and have the idea of ​​continuing to study for a PhD! I hope all my friends can cherish time and live up to their youth, and we are moving towards the far side of our dreams. work hard together! "

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Correspondent Jiang Long