Over-limit vehicles install trackers on law enforcement vehicles, who will help the abuser

  Law enforcement vehicles went on road inspections, and over-limit trucks disappeared; as soon as the law enforcement vehicles left, a large number of illegal vehicles immediately filed out... According to reports, the Wenzhou City Traffic Law Enforcement Team in Zhejiang Province recently discovered that several law enforcement vehicles were equipped with trackers.

  Small trackers make mysterious unannounced visits an open secret, law enforcement information is dynamically controlled, and over-limit vehicles can get away with it.

This "Infernal Affairs" in reality is like a confusing spy movie. No wonder netizens exclaimed that "the mouse put a bell on the cat."

  Who installed these tracking devices and how many did they install?

In addition to the trackers that have been discovered, do other law enforcement vehicles and other law enforcement agencies also have the same situation?

These doubts await further local investigation.

  Playing "smart" in front of law enforcement officers and evading vehicle over-limit supervision and fines by installing trackers reveals that the offenders do not respect the law and treat safety as a trifling matter.

According to reports, the load of these over-limit vehicles far exceeds the design carrying capacity of the highway, and will cause serious damage to the road surface; overweight seriously affects the braking effect and poses a huge safety hazard.

  It is worth noting that, from production, sales to use, there are several ambiguities in the industry chain of location trackers.

On the Internet, the threshold for sales and use of trackers is extremely low, but social harm cannot be ignored.

Open some e-commerce platforms, "tracking artifacts", "invisible locators" and so on. Some claim to be "voice-activated recording, precise positioning", the price is not high, the sales volume is hot, and the monthly sales are more than 10,000.

  Location information is important privacy information, but at present, the abuse of car location trackers reflects a certain regulatory blind spot.

According to the Regulations on Prohibiting the Illegal Production and Sale of Special Equipment for Eavesdropping and Photographing and "Fake Base Stations" implemented in January 2015, natural persons, legal persons and other organizations are prohibited from producing, selling and using special equipment for eavesdropping and photographing and "pseudo base stations". "equipment.

In the view of the legal profession, once the production, sale, and use of location trackers are used for illegal purposes, they may be identified as "eavesdropping equipment", and then be subject to administrative penalties or even criminals for infringing on citizens' personal information or disrupting public order. Punishment.

  The theft of law enforcement information is just an extreme case.

Today, when the awareness of personal privacy protection is constantly awakening, private information such as the location of citizens should be protected and respected.

New technology products have brought us convenience, but mastering technology does not mean being able to do what we want, and it is also subject to legal constraints.

And the "little cleverness" who challenges the power of law enforcement will never escape the severe punishment of the law.

(Wang Junlu and Zhang Xuan)