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How will "Barakah" affect our lives!

Sami Al Riyami


April 08, 2021

An important historic plant that the UAE entered, by announcing the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation announced the commencement of commercial operation of "Barakah", the first peaceful nuclear power plant in the Arab world, and this is a new global achievement for which there is no doubt about it, but how is this achievement reflected on the people of the Emirates?

What can the Emirati gain from this step?

Will this affect his life and the lives of his children?

Logical questions that every citizen searches for, so it is necessary to shed light on the direct and indirect benefits to the people of the Emirates as a result of the country's entry into the nuclear club. This, in turn, will reduce consumer electricity prices by 10%, which is a good thing that will benefit all citizens and residents of the country, and the four plants will produce 5,600 megawatts, which are sufficient to illuminate 574,000 homes.

Nuclear power plants will contribute to the production of electrical energy that covers 25% of the UAE's electricity needs, and this is definitely a sustainable source that does not end or perish, and therefore future generations will not be afraid of power outages, whatever the circumstances or reasons related to fuel or gas.

This project will play a fundamental role in diversifying the energy sources in the country, and will provide a large amount of energy for homes, companies and government establishments while reducing the carbon footprint in the country.

The Barakah plant is expected to reduce carbon emissions in the UAE by 21 million tons annually, which is equivalent to removing 3.2 million cars from the roads.

In addition, we must never underestimate the environmental issue, as it is one of the most important achievements of the existence of the Barakah nuclear power plants, as they support our modern livelihood without negatively affecting our environment. For example, the four Barakah plants will reduce carbon emissions equivalent to those emitted from charging Phones for almost every inhabitant of the globe, every day.

When fully operational, Barakah plants will reduce the same amount of emissions that 350 million trees have absorbed for more than ten years, which is equivalent to every person in the UAE planting 35 trees annually.

The four Barakah stations will reduce emissions equivalent to those of all UAE residents traveling from Abu Dhabi to London twice a year, and will even reduce carbon emissions more than the total annual emissions of the 122 countries combined annually.

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