China News Service, April 8th. According to the website of the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection, a few days ago, with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection responded to Comrade Gong Yunzun, member of the Standing Committee of the Dehong Prefectural Party Committee and Secretary of the Ruili Municipal Party Committee, in the prevention and control of the epidemic. The serious negligence of duty and responsibility was investigated and investigated.

  According to investigations, in Ruili City, Dehong Prefecture, there were three consecutive new crown pneumonia outbreaks in more than half a year, especially the "March 29" outbreak, which severely impacted and destroyed the overall situation of epidemic prevention and control across the country and the province, and severely affected and It has affected the province's economic and social development and the overall work situation, causing serious consequences and adverse effects.

Comrade Gong Yunzun, as Secretary of the Ruili Municipal Party Committee at the time, had the main leadership responsibilities.

After the provincial party committee's research and approval, Comrade Gong Yunzun was given sanctions of revocation of internal party positions and dismissal of government affairs, and was demoted to a level one researcher.

  The Yunnan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection requires that party organizations and party members and leading cadres at all levels in the province should take a warning, learn profound lessons, strengthen the "four consciousnesses", strengthen the "four self-confidence", and achieve "two safeguards". Fully implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important instructions on epidemic prevention and control and the major decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee, resolutely rectify formalist bureaucratic problems in epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely rectify inaccuracy in epidemic prevention and control We are not responsible for negligence and other acts of negligence. We will pay close attention to the measures of "foreign defense import and internal defense rebound", resolutely win the people's war, general war, and block war for epidemic prevention and control, and build a strong security barrier in the southwest of the motherland.