Group EXO member Sehun suffered an unexpected'dong name Happening'.

In commemoration of Sehun's birthday on the 12th, fans were planning to place advertisements in the agency building and the streets around the movie theater.

However, the advertisement, which was scheduled to be published from the 2nd to the 12th, was delayed due to the issue of the election law as it coincided with the 4/7 re-election period.

In addition, the color used in the advertisement for Sehun's birthday is similar to the color of the symbol of the power of the people to which Mayor Oh belongs. Concerned about this, they asked to postpone advertising after the election.

Accordingly, the fandom side, which prepared the birthday advertisement, changed the advertisement scheduled from the 2nd to appearing from the 9th after the election, and sought understanding from the fans who would have waited for the advertisement.

Fans who heard this news are expressing their regret, saying, "I write with Oh Se-hoon's name."

(Photo = SM Entertainment, Twitter capture, Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon blog, Naver persona information)

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