Doesn't it matter if the mobile phone number is abandoned and not cancelled?

Nearly 100,000 yuan in the bank card suddenly disappeared!

  Nowadays, there are endless ways of credit card fraud, and many people have developed a strong sense of prevention, not to mess with links, do not believe in transfers, and do not enter verification codes, but even this may be "successful."

Mr. Zhang learned at more than 11 o'clock in the evening that nearly 100,000 yuan in the bank card had been quietly taken away, and the bound mobile phone card had also been reissued.

Who reissued the phone card?

How did you quietly transfer the money from the bank card in the name of the real cardholder?

  Recently, the Quanshan District Procuratorate of Xuzhou City handled this credit card fraud case.

  Correspondent Zhang Rui Chen Jia

  Yangtze Evening News/Ziniu News reporter Liu Liu

  The suspect found a "business opportunity" and stared at someone else's mobile phone number

  "It's mainly through screening the numbers that others don't use, and then spending money to ask Zhang inside the communications company to help replenish the card, and then find someone to act to fool the authentication, and finally transfer the money through the mobile phone verification code." In the detention center, facing the undertaking inspection When the officer asked, Hong Mou talked about his crimes with shame on his face.

Who could have imagined that in the great time of youth struggle, Hong had moved his mind to a crooked way.

  After graduating from college, the 24-year-old Hong, thinking of making money as soon as possible, set his sights on the Internet. Initially, he sold some gambling website registration identity information, bound bank card numbers, bank card passwords, bank registered mobile phone numbers and other information to make money online. Later, it developed to use the mobile phone cards that were reserved with bank cards on the gambling website to secretly transfer the money in these bank cards for their own use.

After experiencing the sweetness, Hong turned his mind to the mobile phone numbers that others didn't use, "We stole the money in the bank card, no one will know, because most of the mobile phone numbers bound to these bank cards are not used."

In order to facilitate a series of operations such as checking the balance, reissuing a mobile phone card, and withdrawing money, Hong Mou “pulled Hao Mou and Li Mou into the water” to form his own criminal gang.

  With a helper, Hong began to operate on a large scale. He first illegally obtained a large amount of personal information including name, mobile phone number, bank account number, online banking password, etc., and arranged multiple people to inquire about the balance of these bank cards and screened them out. Accounts that are worth “starting” are the first step in the entire crime. If the bank card balance information cannot be found, subsequent card replacements, transfers, etc. will not be carried out.

After confirming the balance, call one by one to determine whether the mobile phone number is answered. If the mobile phone number has been abandoned but forgot to unbind, this will be in Hong's arms.

  Gangs steal bank accounts without contact

  More than 10 victims lost more than 1.2 million yuan

  Due to the continuous enhancement of privacy protection, important personal information can also be obtained by certain groups of people in addition to the person himself. Only when someone else’s mobile phone number is “owned” can the bank account be transferred at any time.

After everything is ready, who can help to reissue the mobile phone card bound to the bank card?

  It turned out that as early as when Hong re-registered a mobile phone card bound to a bank card on a gambling website, he had a "cooperation" with Zhang who worked in a communications company.

In order to continue to win over Zhang, Hung paid a high price, and then arranged for someone to make a replacement.

How to solve the problem of "real name system"?

Just find an "actor" who has the same physical characteristics, age and gender as the supplementary card, wearing a hat and mask, and watching the process of supplementing the card is enough.

The key problem was solved. After having a mobile phone card, Hong's gang successively verified the short messages by obtaining bank transfers dynamically, and contactlessly swiped the bound bank account, causing the bank card owner to lose more than 1.2 million yuan in money.

  "How did my mobile phone card show that it was reissued in another place, and now the bound bank card can't be used anymore..." "I don't know, how did you reissue the mobile phone card? Now the money in it has been transferred away... In handling the case, the Quanshan District Procuratorate also found more than 10 victims like Mr. Zhang. They completely responded to "people sit at home, and disaster comes from the sky." They obviously did nothing and the money was gone.

  At present, the case is under further trial.