A struggle for the crown in a married Miss Sri Lanka ends with head injuries and police intervention

The Miss Sri Lanka Married Women Champion suffered head injuries after a fight broke out on stage after the 2019 Miss Sri Lanka Married Women winner, Caroline Goree, claimed that the winner of the Miss Sri Lanka Married Women 2019 title was not worthy of the title because she is divorced and a quarrel broke out on stage after she snatched the crown from her and gave it to the first runner-up .

The award was returned to the crowned Queen after the contest organizers confirmed that it was not absolute.

The winner of the Sri Lankan Beauty Queen Married Woman Pageant, from which the crown was snatched, indicated that she is fully prepared to forgive and forgive Gauri and what she caused during the coronation. 

However, the problem worsened after the end of the ceremony, which required the intervention of the police, who questioned the accused.

"There is a rule that prevents the award from going to women who are already married and then divorced, so I take steps to make the crown go to the second place holder," Gauri explained.