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Pharrell Williams celebrated his birthday in a rather special way on Monday.

Instead of celebrating his 48th birthday, the singer and producer went to the funeral of his cousin, Donovon Lynch.

The 25-year-old died on March 26 after being shot by police in Virginia Beach.

And for the pop superstar, it is important to shed light on the circumstances of this tragic incident.

“Thank you my God for my 48th tour of the sun.

This is symbolic and it is a first because I had to speak at my cousin's funeral and I was overwhelmed by emotions.

Too many unanswered questions from city and state.

Respectfully, I call for a federal investigation.

I also humbly ask that you all keep the family in your prayers.

His name is Donovon Wayne Lynch, ”he posted on Instagram caption of a photo of his cousin.

Unknown reasons

Friends of Pharrell Williams were quick to show their support.

Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Pusha T or even Fabolous have all posted a message for the star.

While the case has not caused much noise so far, it is the subject of an internal investigation by the Virginia Beach Police Department.

We know in any case that the death of Donovon Lynch took place in a very tense context, while three incidents requiring the intervention of the police took place in different places of the city.

While all the officers, during this kind of intervention, wear a camera on their uniform, the chief of police admitted that, for "unknown reasons", that of the subject officer was extinguished at the time of his arrest. shot Donovon Lynch.

The police officer in question claims that Pharrell Williams' cousin was armed.

He was laid off, as reported by USA Today.

In the midst of the George Floyd death trial, the case could further fuel tensions in an increasingly divided America.


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